Backtone is deliberately said bad words, how to do?

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“I did a background check on the offer from the new company. I told my boss that I would do a background check on the offer when I left the company, and she said she understood and wrote down her phone number with confidence.The HR of the new company told me about the situation and asked me about my relationship with my boss. They said they need to reconsider.”This may be something that some job seekers are worried about, and thus resist.But in fact, the back to verify the authenticity of the resume, personal grievances, personal privacy is not in the scope of the formal back to verify, if it is related to the work evaluation, even if it is deliberately said bad things, will require the other side to list the corresponding evidence, such as can not prove, lies will be solved.Background check companies also check the identity of references and cross-verify them after they are commissioned by companies and authorized by candidates.The so-called cross verification is to restore the objective and true situation of the candidates through interviews with superiors and peers, which eliminates the possible influence caused by the intentional bad mouthing of individuals.In addition, the survey consultants responsible for the back tone generally have rich industry experience, in the face of different situations, a set of mature words system and coping methods, in order to objectively restore the true resume, this is every back tone company, every back tone member should have the attitude.And from the point of recruiters, generally to back this link, basic representation after several rounds of interview, applicants has been approved, and have such as age, educational background, work experience and ability indicators are standard, is to finally have a while back adjustment, test candidates in the resume and interview the ability of the present conditions of authenticity,In this way, candidates who lie on their resumes and lack integrity in the workplace will be excluded from the job market, and those with real strength and integrity will be given a fair employment environment.At the same time, through multi-dimensional backtracking, enterprises can also see the candidate’s ability model in a more comprehensive way, and some abilities that have not been discovered in the interview will also become important points for the later career development.