“Wushan Review” Beautiful silhouette extraordinary “Fight against Epidemic”

2022-07-09 0 By

With the continuous adjustment and unsealing of risk control across the country, the development situation of this round of epidemic in Hangzhou continues to improve.Newspaper “hangzhou +” news by the client to idiom “hangzhou anti epidemic data processing”, launched alongside war plague special planning “Spring Festival”, “without hesitation” listed in the “meet” bottle “water” to “” faithful” “shut down” “hand” “precept” “not to undress” idiom “gone” and so on, let a person tears.Rather than a new idiom, it is more like the most moving image of the war against the epidemic in the past winter — the doctor who put off his wedding and went to the front without hesitation, the strange citizen who sent warm water bottles to the epidemic prevention personnel, the couple who volunteered to help riverside at the same time, the police who lay on the ground in their clothes in the early morning,At home, the elderly take their children in order to support young couples to stick to the front line of the epidemic, the elderly hold their hands to do nucleic acid testing, striving to be volunteers of the teachers enough to teach by words and deeds…When nucleic acid testing vehicles were suspended and “closed”, the epidemic was expected to “never come back”. The concerted efforts of the general public to write the song of fighting the epidemic were enough to move our hearts.This is the most beautiful New Year pictures, a vivid interpretation of the “unity is strength”.In the past winter, when the epidemic broke out suddenly, the people of the whole city stood together as one.What is particularly worth mentioning is that the outbreak of this round of COVID-19 coincides with the traditional Chinese New Year holiday, when the north wind blows hard and the virus is fierce.Grassroots officials gave up the Spring Festival holiday and even reunion on New Year’s Eve to give up their homes and serve everyone, sending warmth with the power of red, letting the red flag fly high on the front line of the fight against the epidemic and highlighting their sense of responsibility and the overall situation.The city builders and guardians who stay in Hangzhou for the New Year stick to their posts, so to speak, everyone is a contributor.Do not experience the quenching of ice and fire, how can you see the warmth in the cold!Alone in the room, the heart is happy, everyone is extraordinary!People’s Daily recently forwarded the story of Tan Huajie, deputy director of Xiaoshan Chengxiang police Station, and his family: “Both husband and wife stick to the front line of the battle against the epidemic. To this end, Zhou Menglan used a small blackboard to list the family scheduling plan. Four elderly people take turns to take care of their children at home.This past winter, there are so many such stories, they are far from their families, close to the front lines, this is the extraordinary power to fight the epidemic!Hangzhou is worthy of being a warm city and a good city. The masses of grassroots cadres come at the call of the moment, can fight when they come and win when they fight.We should continue to carry forward the spirit of “fighting and fighting”, and resolutely do a good job in the “second half of the article”, such as community closure, resumption of work and production.He called for a concerted effort to build on the momentum and promote sound economic and social development throughout the year in the spirit of fighting the epidemic.We should further implement the existing care system, constantly adjust to the COVID-19 situation, and arrange orderly shift of grass-roots staff.Do not believe the spring breeze call not back!At present, The city of Hangzhou has resumed work and production and returned to work and school, so as to seize the positive trend of the epidemic. We must be careful to finish what we started, make good achievements, carry forward the continuous fighting spirit, keep high morale, and fulfill our duty to protect the soil. We will not stop until the last moment.The general public should wash their hands, wear masks and gather less frequently. They should conscientiously comply with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and join hands to embrace the arrival of a beautiful spring when they are the “first person responsible” for fighting the epidemic.