Wu Zunyou: Restricting the movement of people has had an immediate effect on controlling the epidemic quickly

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Under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, a press conference was held on March 25 to introduce the scientific, precise and unremitting efforts in epidemic prevention and control.Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist at the China CDC, introduced that “spacetime companion”, sometimes called “spacetime intersection”, generally refers to people who have spent a period of time in the same time and space grid with COVID-19 patients within 14 days.For example, if an infected person travels somewhere within 14 days and someone crosses their path during those 14 days, they might be considered a spacetime companion.Screening “spatio-temporal companions” can maximize the detection of potential infection groups, and include more people with “spatio-temporal overlap” who are likely to be infected into key screening, so as to achieve early detection and prevention and control threshold forward.Further screening is usually performed on identified companions in order to determine the exact way, specific time and actual distance of companions in order to determine the risk of infection.There is no risk of contracting COVID-19 if the screening is clear and the person is neither a close contact nor a sub-close contact.In actual epidemic prevention and control, a large number of companions are often found in a short period of time, and it is impossible to timely identify each companion.Those who have not completed the risk screening should be quarantined at home or at designated places according to the prevention and control requirements until the screening is completed or the accompanying status is removed.Zunyou wu: COVID – 19 is not a “large” flu zunyou wu, proportion of new crown vaccine immunization is higher and higher along with the crowd, the crowd to will improve immunity of coronavirus, plus the Mick Dijon variation of pathogenic strains itself than other strains is strong, people infected with the clinical severity of per hundred in the proportion of the statistics, actually fell.Asymptomatic infection is just a point in time. An asymptomatic infection today may turn into a mild or ordinary case tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. We should pay more attention to its infectivity.The total number of deaths and social harm caused by the omicron strain has not been reduced by its rapid spread and high number of infections.A comparative analysis of case-fatality and mortality rates in countries from August to October 2021 and From November 2021 to January 2022 showed that the first three months were dominated by the Delta strain and the last three months by the Omicron strain.The case fatality rate did decline during the omicron pandemic, but the total number of deaths or deaths from the pandemic was higher than the number of deaths during the Delta pandemic.This shows that the overall impact of the omicron strain on a country has not diminished.Since mid-February, the number of deaths from the novel coronavirus in Hong Kong peaked at nearly 300 per day, and is still around 200 per day.This also suggests that the pandemic of the Omicron strain remains serious and that COVID-19 is not a “big flu”.Wu zunyou said that China is a country with a large population, and a very small morbidity or mortality rate multiplied by a population of 1.4 billion will become very large in absolute numbers.Only through dynamic elimination can we eliminate the hidden dangers of the epidemic, avoid the possible run on medical resources caused by large-scale population infection, and prevent the possible death of a large number of the elderly or those with underlying diseases.The spread of infectious diseases is closely related to the movement of people, wu Zunyou said.The greater the flow of people, the faster the speed and frequency of the flow, the faster the spread of infectious diseases;The greater the distance of movement of people, the greater the geographical spread of the epidemic.Therefore, banning the movement of people across the region, suspending the operation of buses and subways, and encouraging people to work at home are all effective measures to limit the movement of people. In the prevention and control of COVID-19, the chain of transmission can be cut off at a stroke, which will have an immediate effect on the rapid control of the epidemic.Source: Beijing Daily wechat official account submission email: hkrmtzx@163.com Below, follow xiaobian together to pay attention to “Yunnan Honghe Release” official account, APP