The game’s new flagship!Redmi K50 esports version hands-on experience

2022-07-09 0 By

To our surprise, Redmi has teamed up with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team to take the lead in the K50 Universe, a New Year’s eve edition of Redmi K50.Without further ado, let’s talk today, as the red rice mobile phone’s opening year, K50 e-sports version in the end have done what upgrades?Compared with the K40 game enhanced version, the OVERALL design of K50 esports version has eliminated redundant lines, and removed the “FIGHTING” slogan of the previous generation and the back cover, and only retained the brand logo of “Redmi”, which is more concise and tough.As a special version of the co-branded K50 Champion edition, the design style is more intense — it has AMG F1 Logo in the upper right corner of the body, two vertical bright lines in the center of the back cover, a green midwaist line on each side of the area, combined with carbon fiber textured rear wing design and checkered flag pattern on the bottom area.But also the appearance of the recognition of direct pull full.I can see that Red Rice is sincere in signing this time.Not only that, K50 e-sports version also upgraded 120W fast charging, and standard 120W charging head, co-branded model is 120W gallium nitride charging head.In terms of game, K50 e-sports version as a game mobile phone, natural inheritance of the previous K40 game enhanced version of the magnetic pop-up shoulder key, but also further optimize the structure, and the micro switch is upgraded into a rubber button, improve the touch of continuous pressing.Shoulder button can make two-finger zen players easily play the multi-finger operation of advanced players while retaining the full field of vision. In shooting games, the left button is set to open the mirror, and the right button is set to fire, which not only has more feel, but also can empty the left and right screens to achieve more operations.However, if a player has no experience with a controller or similar product, he or she will still feel awkward for the first time and will subconsciously tap the screen, which will not be able to use the shoulder button, but once he or she gets used to it, it will greatly improve the game experience.In terms of vibration, K50 esports version has the first CyberEngine ultra broadband X-axis motor 1016 in the world. It has upgraded the vibrator with larger mass, and with the new ESA structure, the experience is much better than K40 in both texture and strength, which is closer to the feeling of iPhone. The hardware is strong enough.It all depends on how well the software fits.The Redmi K50 also has a core processor upgrade.However, the Redmi K50 esports version does not debut on mediatek Breguet 9000 platform, which is highly anticipated, but instead uses Qualcomm’s latest 4nm flagship platform, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor.So, as a game phone, it can play the original god?Keep Wi-Fi connected, turn on the performance mode of the phone, room temperature 24℃, manual 300nit brightness, turn on extremely high picture quality, turn on 60 frames, turn off dynamic blur, and run picture for 30 minutes at night. The test results are as follows: the average frame rate is 52.4 frames, hovering around 55 frames in the first 16 minutes.At 17 minutes the frame rate began to fluctuate, with a minimum of about 45 frames.After the test, the highest temperature on the front of the body is 46.1℃, the highest on the back is 45.2℃, the highest frame is 42.8℃, the CPU temperature does not exceed 55℃, it seems that the double VC heat dissipation structure is indeed some material.It is worth mentioning that the K50 esports version did not appear screen brightness reduction during the whole game testing process, which is a good point.In addition, Redmi K50 is also upgraded to A JBL broadband four-unit speaker, which is composed of two 1115 mid-bass units and two 0611 tweeters. The symmetrical double teardrop hole looks more personalized. As for the actual sound quality improvement, you can actually feel it.Overall, the K50 esports edition is a “prepared” performance flagship, the pursuit of personality can also choose cool champion edition, the upgraded shoulder button brings better control experience, the game performance has a more stable frame rate performance, and also fixed the previous high load under the forced brightness operation.If it can fill in the image gap and upgrade the screen resolution to 2K LTPO, it could be a bloody year for the mid-to-high-end mobile market.