Changan CS95 limited time offer is currently up to 8,000

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Changan Automobile Xinjiang Hui Zhong Yuan da flagship store 】 network customers to the store to enjoy exquisite gifts and special discounts to buy a car channel!After scanning the code, customers can receive a beautiful mobile phone bracket;Mortgage car purchase, 0 interest, low interest a variety of preferential programs to choose;Buy a new car replacement to enjoy a subsidy of 5000 yuan;To store replacement can enjoy hui Zhongyuanda flagship store professional second-hand car appraiser free evaluation;Old customers successfully introduce relatives and friends to the shop to buy a car will send you free basic maintenance once;Call to make an appointment to enjoy the VIP test drive service;Take road 1 to Saibo Motor City bus stop (advance booking customers to arrive nearby can enjoy the shuttle service) enjoy VIP fast channel, one to one service, so that you enjoy the excellent car, enjoy the service activity time from April 3, 2022 to April 5, 2022