Three baby times, Sun Haiyang couple education child model, how do you look at, have any reference significance

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In the age of three children, how to educate children and make them grow up harmoniously and happily?Is something that many parents are concerned about.Since the success of Sun Haiyang’s search for a son, the couple and their three children to get along with the mode of video, emerge in an endless stream.I have watched many videos, whether it is the joy of finding a child for the first time, or Sun Zhuo’s decision to return to Shenzhen, or his youngest son Sun Hui’s maturity and ease in dealing with people.Of course, there are sister Sun Yue’s handwritten letter, I feel sun Haiyang’s parents in the education of children in the process, there are methods.During the Spring Festival, the family went back to their hometown for the Spring Festival, during which there were many fun hair, are a happy happy happy scene.Here are some of my personal opinions. If you agree with me, please give me a thumbs-up and give me some attention. Thank you!Mr. And Mrs. Sun attach great importance to the education of their children’s self-care ability.From his son Sun Hui, we can see that his self-care ability is very strong.After coming home from school, I can finish my homework independently, help my parents do housework, and wash my clothes, shoes and socks by myself.There is no overindulgence because he is the youngest son.We can also see sun Yue’s education of their children’s self-care ability.In the long letter written by Sun Yue, in the process of her parents looking for her younger brother and the lack of happy atmosphere in the family, she also had psychological fluctuations. However, she was able to get out of such fluctuations well, feeling the difficulty of her parents and being grateful for the difficulty of her parents.Mr And Mrs Sun pay attention to harmony between their children.Whether sun Zhuo and Sun Hui get along with each other, sun Zhuo and Sun Yue get along with each other, or the three children get along together, we basically see harmony and happiness.This model of harmonious relationship between children, the most dominant, from the parents of their childhood education model.A good education model comes from parents who want their children to realize the benefits of doing their own things at an early age.In the process of children’s education, if children are spoiled from childhood and have been pampered for a long time, often the children who grow up in this situation are more inclined to have the tendency of dependence when doing many things.This tendency is not only dependent on life, but also dependent on study, which parents care about very much.Even if the child is very good at school, when he grows up, it is easy to cause that he does not know how to face work and life.It is quite possible to form what we call “high IQ, low EQ, low ability” and become a social “imbecile”.Children will eventually grow up and eventually have to face life independently. If at that time, parents find that their children do not know what to do in their work and life without their parents’ dependence, that is the real anxiety and anxiety.In real cases, there are many parents who seek help for these reasons.Therefore, as parents, we encourage children to develop their own things to do their own good habits, has a very far-reaching and important significance.Doing your own thing by yourself is a required course for children’s personal growth.Believe that our children have this ability, trust that our children have this ability.Parents pay attention to the training of children’s ability, encourage children to exercise self-care ability, rest assured and boldly let children do.I believe that when children grow up, they can be better independent, better work, better survival life.