Third grade math word problems special training

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The area of figure A is 2.16m2. How many meters is the width?2. In a square plot with a circumference of 100 meters, the average yield of cabbage is 12 kilograms per square meter. How many kilograms of cabbage are collected in this plot?3. A square has the same area as a triangle. We know that the sides of the square are 6 decimeters long and the base of the triangle is 9 decimeters.What is the height of a triangle in decimeters?4. This year is 2022, so how many days will you have spent in 2022 by the time you break up on July 1?The side of a house is shown as follows. There are 180 bricks per square meter. How many bricks are needed to build such a wall?There are 3700 words in a manuscript. Xiao Fei types 40 words per minute on average. How many words are left after 80 minutes?7. A drum of rapeseed oil together weighs 5.5 kg, and the drum has a mass of 0.3 kg.What is the mass of oil in kilograms?8. Feifei buys a copy of “The Daughter of the Sea” for 23.8 yuan and a copy of “Primary School Composition” for 25.4 yuan.(1) How much did Feifei spend on her books?She paid the salesman 50 yuan. How much should I get back?There are 8 black doves and 24 white doves in the zoo. (1) How many white doves are there in the zoo?(2) How many nests are required for every 4 nests?10. The school buys 27 saplings. How many trees are planted in each row?11. Master Wang in the canteen puts 64 liters of oil in 8 POTS on average. How many milliliters does each pot hold on average?12. There is a rectangular lawn in the park, 30m long and 25m wide. A path 2m wide is left in the middle of the lawn (as shown in the picture).Xiao Qiang jumped 282 times in 3 minutes and Xiao Gang jumped 192 times in 2 minutes.Who jumps the most? How many beats per minute?There are 265 students in grade 3 going on an outing. They take 5 cars. There are the same number of people in each car.In the picture below, we know that the area of the square is 40 square centimeters. What is the area of the circle in square centimeters?16. Jiusailu School will open on September 1, 2020 and close on January 20, 2021.How many days are there in this term?Zhang Ming was born on May 11, 1999. Everyone celebrated his birthday on May 11, 2016.How old is Zhang Ming, please?Uncle Chen works the night shift from 7:30 p.m. to 5:50 a.m. the next day.How long does he have to work the night shift?19. There are two same ribbons in red and yellow, each 13.5 decimeters long. The red ribbon is 7.8 decimeters long and the yellow ribbon is 6.9 decimeters long.How many decimeters long?20. Dongshan primary school students collected tree species, the first day collected 4.8 kg, the second day collected 5.6 kg, which day collected more tree species?There are 58 students in Class 1, Grade 3. Each student receives 21 water bottles on average. How many water bottles does this class collect?Athlete no. 1 jumped 64 times, athlete No. 2 jumped 46 times, and athlete No. 3 jumped 8 times. How many times did athlete No. 1 jump as much as athlete No. 3?23. An open tap drains 672 kilograms of water a week.(1) Do the math: How many kilograms of water does an open faucet lose a day?According to a survey, a child drinks about 2 kilograms of water a day.How many children can drink water from an open tap in one day?24. A hotel is holding a hotel celebration. How many meters of red carpet should be spread on the front steps (the solid line in the picture below)?If the steps are 1.8 meters wide, how many square meters of red carpet are needed?When the sides of a square are enlarged, the area becomes nine times as large as before. The sides of the enlarged square are 12cm.What were the original sides of the square in centimeters?26. Use red paper to make red flags in the shape of right triangles.It is known that the red paper is 1.2 meters long and 0.8 meters wide, and the two right-angle sides of the red flag are 2 decimeters and 3 decimeters long respectively. How many red flags can be made of this red paper?27. The shaded area as shown in the picture below is a rectangle surrounded by four squares. If the sum of the four squares’ perimeters is 240 centimeters and the sum of their areas is 1000 square centimeters, what is the area of the shaded area in square centimeters?The students had a trip to the countryside. It took them 1 hour and 15 minutes and they arrived at the destination at 8:00 a.m. When did they leave the school?29. It takes Wang Min 18 seconds to walk from the first floor to the third floor. How many seconds does it take him to walk from the first floor to the fifth floor?(1) How many hours is the Xinhua Bookstore open all day?(2) How many hours does the convenience supermarket open all day?(3) Which shop has long opening hours?How long?