“The best relationship is one in which we are never tired.”

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Picture uploading processing…Not long ago, I read a story on Zhihu: a girl and a boy went out for dinner on a date. When they arrived at the restaurant, they found that the restaurant looked ordinary, but the food was very expensive.Looking at the menu, the girl caught the boy frowning slightly.When the waiter arrived, the girl asked the boy, “Didn’t you say there was something else going on?Let’s finish this before we come to dinner.”The boy got the message and immediately replied, “Yes, let’s go.”They fled the restaurant and came out laughing and laughing at each other. There was no embarrassment or frustration, no puffing and puffing, and no loss of face.Some people say that people who can get along with such a relationship can not meet, although there are thousands of people in the city, but every soul is lonely.But I think the reason why lonely, just because I haven’t met that one let me get along with comfortable people.01 That’s what a good relationship should be.It can make people calm in the face of their own, but also calmly accept each other, less suspicion, more than a bit of knowledge.In the movie 2 Broke Girls, Max, a sexy, venomous slum girl, and Careline, an underdog daughter, represent two different worlds, and no one expects them to become best friends.Careline, who has a new start in life, finds it difficult to accept the greatly changed life circumstances, but always accepts the life rules output by Max.With his sharp tongue and sound life advice, Max encouraged Careline and restored her confidence in life.She can even help her find her way back into life in worse ways than that.Careline and Max became sisters as they grew together, one with a brilliant business mind, one with a unique talent for cake baking, and started a small cake business.From nothing to brave and strong career-oriented women, Careline cannot change without Max.With Careline, Max, with low self-esteem and a little depression, also has a positive and sexy attitude to life.They have different personalities and different living habits. They may not like the same movies or listen to the same music, but they have similar three views.They have their own way of being together, neither too close to breathe, nor too distant to cool.You are each other’s holes when you are sad, and each other’s armor when you are weak.The best and most comfortable relationship is undoubtedly one in which two people need neither to please nor to please.In the third season of 02 “A Life To Live”, the show invited a group of young and new guests whom no one knew.In the face of a group of young “children”, Huang Lei is obviously not as warm as before, no longer sit at the door warmly greet, but silently hide in the kitchen work cooking, still muttering “why not come to the people I know”.In that game after dinner, Huang Lei also did not participate in too much.The only time I let out a smile was when my good friend Old Wolf came.At the tea party, he said, “When the Wolf comes, I feel more comfortable.Because I don’t know you well, I’m not that enthusiastic when you come in and say hello to me. I don’t have to talk to people I don’t know.”And when he explained it later, he realized that he was old and really tired, and no longer had the energy to be enthusiastic about everyone that he had when he was young.See here, I have a great feeling.The older you get, the less likely you are to put in the effort to build a new relationship, or to be comfortable with old friends.There’s no need to force yourself to put on a good face, fit in with other people’s lives, and drag people into your social circle who might just be “acquaintances.”I always agree with “dear Sanmao” in a sentence: “friends of the best, such as good tea, light but not astringent, fragrance but not tangy, slowly floating, like water long flow.”It’s not just friends, it’s the best relationship.Aunt and uncle had spent seven years together before they got married.At that time I had asked her: “You and little uncle did not have the so-called three years of pain, seven years of itch?”Aunt explained a lot to me at that time, and finally summed up only two words, comfortable.Just like many lovers, they also had the hazy ambiguity of first meeting, hot love when dry firewood fire;They have had conflicts and quarrels, but they are comfortable with each other.One can read a book, one can listen to music, one can write an article and the other can do their own thing quietly, the world is a small town.There is no need to find a topic, no need to please who, everything just happens, just right.The older we get, the more we tend to fall into emotional “deprivation” and find it difficult to maintain a comfortable relationship.If the date does not reply to wechat for ten minutes, he will worry about whether he does not care about him. His bestie does not like the moment in time, and he will wonder whether he is left out.But a good relationship is one that can compromise with love and be itself.No relationship, need you hysterical, give up self, two people life frequency is not the same, just like the radio, the frequency is wrong can not listen to each other’s voice.Zhu Shenghao confided his love to Song Qingru like this: “Don’t worry about getting old, you must be very lovely when you are old.”Their relationship, because of a long time, will not be trapped in the trivial, trapped in the daily cycle of food and clothing.When they are old and gray, they will be with each other as before, watching the long stream.Get along with people who are not tired, can not be met, when met, use a lifetime to cherish it.The rest of your life is short, so I hope you don’t waste yourself on relationships that aren’t worth it.May all you meet be good, all you do understand you, accompany you through the vagaries of life sea sea.Fourthly, the post-1995 independent we-media creators are small UP masters who will have millions of fans one day.Share personal we-media entrepreneurial experience dry goods and book reviews, emotional small mailbox.