Pregnant 9 months unexpectedly don’t know, woman gives birth to boy baby while going to toilet!Was rushed to Harbin Medical University hospital

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, saying often said October be pregnant the birth here say is a maternal child did very well but the things is the birth place of a bit special photo source: kwangmyong February 7, more than ten o ‘clock in the morning a just production newborn mother was 120 ambulances rushed to the hospital intensive care photo source: kwangmyong HaYiDa one we campus emergency department nurses Xu Shuang:When the mother was pushed in by 120, her blood pressure was very low, 80 to 51, and her heart rate was 144.A state of pale face, pale lips, and intense physical pain.Photo source: Maternal lying on the flat car, the newborn baby was also held by family members to the hospital.After examination by medical staff, the placenta has not been delivered, the umbilical cord of the fetus has not been disconnected.The placenta belongs to the retention, and it is partially stripped, partially stripped, peeling surface is a state of continuous bleeding, postpartum hemorrhage, and reached the degree of hemorrhagic shock.Give her positive fluids, correct her shock, collect the placenta, and administer contractions and hemostasis.After asking the doctor learned that the woman is 26 years old this year, three days before delivery, she felt intermittent abdominal pain.Zhong Weijie, an attending obstetrician in qunli Hospital of Harbin Medical University, had an aggravated abdominal pain that day. She was in the toilet, and she thought she had a bowel movement, and then gave birth to her child in the toilet for a long time. She did not have menstruation for 9 months, and she did not see a doctor.The medical staff are busy rescuing the woman, and they are rushing to take care of the newborn baby.It was a baby boy, weighing 5 kg and 8 kg. He was full term, but after further physical examination, the doctor found something wrong.Guo Wenhui, an attending physician in the Department of Neonatology of Qunli Hospital, had a malformed auricle in his right ear and a malformed external auditory canal in his right ear.The advice of the ear, nose and throat teacher is that the child may need to grow up to one or two years old, have an examination, and then surgical intervention, because the child has not had any prenatal examination, so we need to pay more attention to him in treatment, there are more areas to pay attention to.After the rescue, the vital signs of the mother and child gradually restored stability.Doctors advise people to pay special attention to their body changes.Clinical observation, some women do not have too much discomfort after conception, thus ignoring the possibility of pregnancy.Therefore, the pregnancy test before conception and the birth test after conception are particularly important.Copyright belongs to the original author, if the infringement please timely contact statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: