Jackie Chan celebrates his birthday at 68International stars are not as big as 18-line artists, and the scene is shabby

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Jackie chan celebrated his 68th birthday on April 7, but he didn’t plan to make a big fuss on the set. The crew finally prepared a little surprise and gave him a simple birthday party.Chan, wearing a black jumpsuit and glasses, greets the camera with a big smile.The 68-year-old’s skin is clearly wrinkled and his hair is grey with dye.Even so, Jackie chan still looks energetic in his late 20s, and perhaps that’s the benefit of his years at the furniture city gym.Jackie Chan’s birthday celebration was very simple, even simple to some of his “coffee”.The display of the whole background, no carefully arranged traces, in front of just put a small cake as big as a palm, looking slightly “shabby”.In contrast to the unnamed “18th line artists”, the birthday party of the international superstar was a no-noodle affair.After all, in the past celebrity birthday coverage, the entertainers have tended to fill the entire ballroom with red carpet flowers and piles of gifts.Even said that some stars’ children’s birthday, the age may not be big, but the scene is not small, even just put the word “rich” engraved on the cake, xu into the wish.Speaking of which, Jackie Chan also made a wish on his birthday, and his wish is “I hope the epidemic will pass as soon as possible”.In fact, as we all know, Jackie Chan is a beloved star, which is why people still like him despite knowing his messy private life.Brother’s patriotism is undisguised and does not need to be, at least compared to some of the “two-faced”.In fact, I don’t mean to feel unfair for Jackie Chan, after all, with his current achievements, he doesn’t need anything to prove anything.But I still feel a sense of resistance to the false prosperity of the entertainment industry.While any small streaming star might be trending on a birthday, international stars like Jackie Chan are not.So is this the tragedy of talented actors, or of the entertainment industry as a whole?