Huzhou and Fu Town: the garbage sorting staff who stick to their posts in the wind and rain

2022-07-08 0 By

In Hefu Town, Nanxun district, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, continuous rainy weather in recent days has posed a challenge to garbage sorting.However, the town’s garbage classification manager still stuck to his post in the bad weather and devoted himself to the classification work.Dirty and messy environment is a common situation encountered in the classification of perishable garbage — on sunny days, garbage tends to deteriorate and stink;On rainy days, slippery garbage is hard to sort.Since February 2022, in order to ensure the timely completion of garbage collection and transportation, garbage sorting officers have taken off their rain-wet masks and slippery gloves to stand firm in the harsh environment.The garbage collector is at work.And Fu Town for some open plot in and Fu town, part of the residents to convenient, directly throw garbage bags on the centralized cabinet, garbage sorting personnel need to carry out secondary sorting of garbage.They wear heavy raincoats, do a good job of sorting, and take pains to guide residents to develop a correct concept of garbage classification.Wet wet ground, garbage transport vehicles often rollover, resulting in many garbage classification officers have different degrees of abrasion.”I don’t mind, fortunately did not hit pedestrians on the road.”They patted the dirt off their bodies and went back to work.The responsible person of Hefu town said that just because there are a group of dedicated garbage sorting staff who abide by their duties, the local community environment is getting better and better, residents’ happiness is getting higher and more people are affected to participate in the garbage sorting work.Summer (string)