Huazhou orange social workers anti-drug propaganda into the blue Bird experimental school

2022-07-08 0 By

In order to further do a good job in the propaganda and education of drug control, build a non-toxic campus, give play to the main channel of school education and social radiation, strengthen the drug prevention education for teachers and students in school.On March 23, the “anti-drug propaganda into the campus, build anti-drug ‘protective wall'” activity was held in the Hua Zhou Blue Bird Experimental School sponsored by the Hua Zhou Anti-drug office and the Hua Zhou Blue Bird Experimental School, undertaken by the Hua Zhou Anti-drug association and the Hua Zhou Orange social work service center.Activities set up anti-drug knowledge training, anti-fraud propaganda, toxic experience games.By the municipal association of lecturers in drug control to the real case to explain in detail the confusing and drug addiction, and through the simulation model of drug on knowledge of drug, drug control and “cheat” propaganda form such as folding, the scene simulation experience poison, in-depth study the harmfulness of drug knowledge and drug related law knowledge, understand the “breathe poison, fall into the jaws of truth,It is beneficial for young students to establish a correct outlook on life and improve the ability to judge right and wrong and prevent fraud, and work together to build a “protective wall” against drugs on campus.In this activity, more than 500 copies of anti-drug + anti-fraud publicity materials and souvenirs were distributed, creating a strong atmosphere of anti-drug and anti-fraud publicity for everyone on campus.