Haizitan Town: To build a livable and beautiful Xinghua Village

2022-07-08 0 By

In March, it is a good time to plant trees.Gulang County Haizi beach town jingxin village party branch secretary Li Xingbin came to the village early in the morning, today, he will lead the cadres and the masses for just planted apricot pruning and watering trees, everyone while working, while discussing the greening work this year, the scene is a busy scene.”This field behind me used to be an old woodland, overgrown with weeds and strewn with garbage.Through treatment, we planted all apricot trees.”Li Xingbin pointed to the newly planted seedlings.According to the implementation plan of land greening in Haizitan Town, Haizitan Jing New Village originally planned to plant tree species such as locacia pseudoacacia, golden elm and flower shrub in the village’s vacant vacant land, but Li Xingbin considered the good natural conditions of Jingxin Village and felt that it was more suitable to build a “garden + economic forest” of one village and one grade of green garden.Under the repeated consultation of the two village committee members and after fully listening to the suggestions of the village people, Li Xingbin immediately took action with everyone after getting the consent of the town government to make Jingxin village a apricot flower village with flowers and fruits as soon as possible.In just a few months, the living environment of Jingxin Village has changed significantly. Under the planting mode of “garden + economic forest”, it not only beautifies the village, but also increases the collective income of the village. The cadres and the masses are very satisfied with this.”We jingxin village in accordance with a village one product, a village ten thousand trees, flowers have trees work ideas, the living environment renovation with the strengthening of the village economy.Up to now, a total of 50 mu of apricot trees planted, actively create a beautiful apricot village.”Jingxin Village party branch secretary and village committee director Li Xingbin said.Haizitan town armed forces minister Li Yujian: “up to now, Haizitan town planted economic forest more than 2,000 mu, mainly to medlar, apple, pear trees, greatly improve the income of the masses.”Reporter: Wang Junchao source: Gulang County Rong Media Center