5 years allergic rhinitis, 4 cases 2 days to improve nasal itching runny nose sneezing

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Patients with severe dust mite allergic rhinitis, about 5 years old, actual time may be longer…To autumn and winter, light nose itching runny nose sneezing, heavy cough cough to sleep, eat hot food a hot bath spray nosebleed once adult, allergic rhinitis can only index does not point to this, as long as the control is proper, will not affect the normal life.In order to live in peace with allergic rhinitis for the rest of my life, I started various attempts and summarized some experiences. 1: Nasal salt + Nasal washer Most of the early onset of allergic rhinitis is usually just an itchy nose, continuous sneezing and runny nose. Once the continuous occurrence of 2-3 days, I should start to wash my nose.I tried many brands of nasal lotion, but the effect was just as good. On the contrary, the simple and crude nasal salt + nasal washer, with simple formula, washed clean, became the first big savior of my nose.There are several warm tips for the first time: 1. Sea salt must be selected for nasal washing; 2. Water temperature can refer to the temperature of bath water; 3.The combination of loratadine + mometasone furoate nasal spray + anti-allergic probiotics (suminol) is basically the standard for the treatment of allergic rhinitis in grade THREE hospitals, and now it is also my regular supply. It is not good to wash the nose alone, so this equipment will be used. Generally, the symptoms can be relieved by loratadine in about 2 days:There are tablets and capsules. In the picture, Karitane is bought from the drugstore, and the capsules are prepared by the hospital. The effect is similar.In the days when allergic rhinitis occurs repeatedly, it is recommended to configure air purifier and humidifier in the room, which can make your nose comfortable, and your body and mind will be much more comfortable.Masks Go out in the outdoors, in crowded places, please remember to wear masks, can effectively isolate a variety of allergens in the air, any disease is better to prevent than cure