Rural parents were left red-eyed after postgraduates revealed their real “tuition fee list” and could not afford it

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With the continuous upgrading of higher education, it has become a commonplace to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree.More and more students have the opportunity to go to college. The rapid development of education is a good thing, but from the side, it also means that the value of a degree is becoming less and less.Once upon a time with a bachelor’s degree can find a good job, now undergraduate everywhere, some posts undergraduate students even have no opportunity to interview, in order to improve the value of education, in the employment of the advantage, some college students did early “postgraduate entrance examination” plan.Statistics show that in 2022, the number of graduate students in China has exceeded 4.54 million, which shows the degree of desire of college students for master’s degree.However, with 4.54 million applicants, not everyone can successfully land the entrance exam and faces many difficulties and challenges.After the written exam of the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination, students shared their feelings online, with most netizens finding the math and politics questions difficult this year.Math questions are complicated and the calculation process is cumbersome, while political questions are more flexible, which makes many examinees have no hope for the results of the exam. Some even abandoned other subjects after taking the exam.So take an examination of the subject is to take an examination of grind party to become the first pass of master graduate student, without adequate preparation for an examination, it is hard to succeed in shore.Interview difficult, unable to meet the requirements of the tutor the second level is the second test, to enter the college to interview, the professional tutor will ask some professional related questions, but also ask some questions of private life, which test the eq of candidates, if the answer to which question makes the tutor uncomfortable, it is likely to be hung.Many candidates in the second test before, there is a doubt, that is, “do not want to contact the tutor in advance”, do not contact afraid of the second test no tutor to accept their own, contact and afraid of causing the teacher’s aversion, it is really a postgraduate IQ and eq difficulties.Tuition is expensive, become a stumbling block on the way to read a graduate school even if the two big checkpoints of taking an examination of one’s master’s degree, written examination and interview have passed smoothly, also may not be able to read a graduate school, because the front still has “tuition” this obstacle.As is known to all, a master’s graduate students divided into professional master and learn to recognize, professional master degree is a 2 year commonly, study is 3 years, to recognize the truth, the academic year long study ShuoXue professional master’s tuition fee should be shorter than the academic year some more expensive, but from the perspective of the charge standard of universities and colleges in past years, professional master’s school year’s tuition is higher than learning to recognize a lot.Postgraduate sun real tuition list, let the rural parents turned off most of the college students one’s deceased father grind is to find a good job, in the future on the job can gain higher salary, but, before start to earn money, to spend more than 10, it also has the undergraduate course graduates were very is ashamed.A current graduate student posted the actual tuition fee list, as shown in the picture below.The graduate students in the university is a famous tsinghua university, tsinghua university due to have enough money, support the development of the master’s mobile site, so many colleges and universities charge is more low, all learn professional, annual tuition is 08000, professional master’s tuition is more expensive, financial, finance related fees are 100000 +;Law, statistics, social sciences between 56,000 and 72,000.Roughly into a calculation, we take an average, even if the professional master’s tuition fees for 60000 yuan a year, 2 year is 120000, 50% of the students can’t finish on time, may be a year tuition, that is 180000, living cost 2000 yuan each month, three year is 6000 yuan, plus assorted costs, even if 4000 yuan,Comprehensive calculation, tsinghua professional master’s degree students for three years of postgraduate study costs up to 180,000 yuan.This figure makes rural parents back away from their children’s desire to go to graduate school, but their families can’t afford it.It is also said that in 2022, tuition fees for professional master’s degrees will rise again in universities across the country, with some majors increasing by as much as 63,000 yuan. This is a bolt from the blue for ordinary families.Postgraduate tuition is expensive, but students from poor families must read the above list of postgraduate tuition. Some people will say that it is now a game for rich children to go to graduate school, but children from poor families can not afford it. This idea is totally wrong.To know that children from rich families are not required to attend graduate school, only children from ordinary families need to attend graduate school to improve the value of their degree and find a good job with this degree. Therefore, no matter how expensive the tuition is, students from poor families must go to attend the exam.Besides, most of the postgraduate students will not only spend money, but also earn money. During the postgraduate study, there are national scholarships, school scholarships, social scholarships and scientific research scholarships. Only if the academic performance is good enough, the scholarship will be soft every year, which can be as high as 10,000 +.If you follow a scientific research type of mentor, but also with the mentor to do projects, but also can get a lot of money.Just on graduate students do not have money to pay tuition fees, do not be discouraged, the country to poor students to provide student loans, can pay tuition fees, you can earn money in the future and then return.Generally speaking, graduate school can make money by spending money, and children from poor families need not be afraid to go to graduate school because of lack of money.Topic of the day: How do you feel when you see the actual list of tuition fees for graduate students?(The above pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.)Want to know more wonderful content, will pay attention to small rhyme education to say quickly