CCTV 2022 Lantern Festival gala Chinese women’s soccer chorus “Rain, Rain, Rainbow, Sonorous Roses” received the highest audience praise

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On February 15, the Lantern Festival, CCTV devoted to the 2022 Yuanxiao party, hunan SATELLITE TV, Beijing Satellite TV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and many other local TV yuanxiao party, almost at the same time.CCTV’s 2022 Lantern Festival Gala, directed by renowned director Zou Wei, was highly praised by many viewers across the country for its well-produced and ingenious program innovation design that was refreshing.CCTV for this year’s Lantern Festival party adhere to innovation, the opening program “Qi Tian Le”, to Shenzhou 13 astronaut Wang Yaping, in the space station played the classic melody “Jasmine flower” as the overture, the Space music blessing from The Chinese space station and the party scene passionate folk music performance clever fusion.Ten groups of legendary figures associated with folk music in the history of Chinese culture gathered together to perform a creative symphony featuring harp, xiao, sheng, ruan, drum, pipa, Harp, erhu, suona and Goat drum, all of which are representative ethnic instruments.Then in the scene wushu “Xiao”, the national wushu champion and wushu athletes with novel and unique forms, extraordinary skill, interpret the broad and profound Chinese wushu.This year’s Lantern Festival gala closely related to the Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese women’s football and other hot topics, invited Gu Ailing, Su Yiming, Wu Dajing, Gao Tingyu, Ren Ziwei and other Winter Olympic athletes to send good wishes and fun lantern riddles to the audience.CCTV Lantern Festival gala focuses on the integration of “thought + art + technology” innovation, organic combination of a variety of art categories, through young expression, attracted the attention of countless young audiences.The rap show “Selling Glutinous Rice balls” cleverly combines symphony and rap forms, with both laughter and symphonic elegance.The opera program “Women in Drama” covers five genres, including Cantonese opera, Peking Opera, Kunqu Opera, Henan Opera and Hebei Wooden Clappers, and depicts mu Guiying, Liang Hongyu and Hua Mulan.The song “the world is beautiful and you are linked” melodious melody, far-reaching artistic conception, such as a warm current Qin People heart.CCTV, especially the Chinese women’s soccer girls, through the CCTV cloud technology video, and the Yuanxiao party live singers Shang Wenjie, Li Sdani together, the collective chorus of the song “wind and rain rainbow Sonor Roses”.The spirited Chinese women’s football girls, full of youthful and energetic songs, showed their spirited temperament in the Lantern Festival party, which pushed the warm atmosphere of the whole party to a climax.Full of youthful vitality of Sichuan sister Zhang Linyan.Many viewers after watching the game TV screenshots, full of praise: “to see the Chinese women’s soccer girls that outstanding temperament, to see them that do not give up, unyielding momentum, to see sichuan sister Zhang Linyan full of youthful spirit, exciting, excited!CCTV invited the girls of the Chinese women’s football team to the Lantern Festival gala.Meet the nation, sing to the nation.It’s so inspiring to watch!”The 2022 Lantern Festival Gala by THE China Media Group, presented by CCTV, presents a new colorful and long cultural feast with innovative expressions full of times, culture and youth in a joyous atmosphere of Lantern Festival.In addition, sichuan Zigong exquisite lantern technology also enjoyed the CCTV Lantern Festival party.Source: Cover news