Military sister-in-law “reborn 80: fat wife Happy rimmen” she was a pianist open eyes into the military district the fatest ugly sister-in-law

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Today, I recommend 3 super good-looking novels to you, this classic one, let you have a good time!Like this type of book collection quickly ~ today to recommend: military spouse “reborn 80: fat wife xi rimmon she used to be a pianist, open into a military area commands the most fat ugly sister-in-law # drought # first refused to books:” Mr Three yes, pet wife please refrain from “the author: endless summer introduction: warmth killed dreamed, himself asleep, beicheng commercial giant HuoTing deep.I thought it was a narrow path, but I did not want to achieve a perfect marriage.One day, the reporter interviewed.”Mr. Huo, I would like to ask you, on behalf of all women, what kind of girl do you like best?””Like my wife.”At this point, Huo general hidden marriage news, spread throughout kyushu.After marriage, warmth broke out.Pit guide: at noon, warmth against the sun, appeared in the first floor hall of emperor Hui Group.The driver took her to the underground parking lot and pointed to the car she had been in yesterday.”Miss Wen, this is the car. Here are the keys, and I’ll go home.”Warmth took the car keys, some headache.Before the phone, Huo Tinshen asked her, “have a driver’s license.”She answered truthfully, “Yes.”She did not lie for a moment.But……Having a driver’s license and being able to drive seem to be two different things.She circled the black car, gave a final tut, and prepared to get in.But the back door opened before the key was pressed.Huo Tingshen walked down from the car.Tender feeling surprised: “Mr. Huo, how can you in the car.””Isn’t this my car?Can’t I be up there?””Oh, that’s not what I meant, isn’t it going to be washed for me?”Huo Court deep one face of qingleng: “can’t drive?”Look at him like you don’t know.Huo Court deep spread out a hand: “the key give me, get on the car.”He got behind the wheel, she wanted to sit in the back, Huo Deep calm way: “I never give people to do the driver.”She thought about it, stepped back, pulled open the door, and got into the driver’s seat.He started the car to leave, tender alienation and polite way: “I dirty your car, but also let you send me to the car wash, really sorry.””Well, just because I didn’t want you to feel sorry, I’m giving you a chance to do something for me before I wash the car.”What is it?””Come and have dinner with me.”She looked at him. “Eat?No, I’m not hungry, and besides, it wouldn’t be right for me to dine alone with you. ‘”My car is very expensive, yesterday you dirty that blanket worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, now can not use, give you a 50% discount, fifty thousand yuan, do you want to lose money, or accompany me to dinner?””You’re robbing while the fire is still burning.””I just learned it from you yesterday. Don’t you like to sit and start the price?”She looked at him with a grumpy look. “Are capitalists as fussy as you are?”(Click the following link to read the novel) The second book: “Slag after the young handsome I wear” author: Snowball jubilant pounced on, was thrown out of the ashes!Guide into the pit: the appearance of silence is actually gossip frowsty coquettish housekeeper Limbo, hidden in the villa.He personally sent for a box of ladies’ clothes at his wife’s instructions.After seeing being signed, it was satisfied to leave.Limber, graying but spry, loves surfing the Internet with young people and fretting with his wife about their young master’s love life.It’s not that he’s too old to be idle, it’s that young master is too pure!I’ve never seen him close to a girl before, and he sleeps over every night at his age!Thank god, the young master finally understood!How can they do it without a push?Limber rubbed his hands excitedly and got into the car, ready to go back to his wife’s detailed gossip.And Xia Zhiqiu opened the box, a time into the silence of the mystery…She picked up a piece of cloth at random, yes, just a piece of cloth.Are modern people so economical with fabric?And what about the rabbit ears and the cat tails?The more summer sees autumn, the more confused.Fortunately, Zhao Yue simply helped himself to deal with the wound left.Otherwise let him see these things, oneself also can be embarrassed!Xia Zhiqiu covered some red cheeks.They say no, but they’re honest.She laid all her clothes out neatly on the floor, sorted by style.In fact, most of them are normal clothes, but only two or three of them are special.But there are a lot of messy accessories.Xia Zhiqiu could not help but bury her face in those furry ears and tails, and wear them to Ji Qing Lin…Think of here, Xia Zhiqiu eyes instant bright up.She had done something similar in her last life, and of course she would try again in this one!Night falls and the stars shine brightly.Ji Qinglin came out late from the party.Tonight was a dinner for an elder he respected, so he drank a little wine.When the wind blows, my head hurts.Usually, he must have gone straight home to bed.But now…”Go to blue water.”With the words out of his mouth, he realized what he had said.Ji Qinglin could not help pinching her eyebrows.What happened in the villa today, someone had told him, the little woman really like a mystery…Season green in the dark has put her life experience investigation clearly, including the photos before.(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “rebirth 80: fat wife Xi Linmen” author: A hedge introduction: military sister-in-law “rebirth 80: fat wife Xi Linmen” she used to be a pianist, open eyes into the military district the fatest ugly sister-in-law.What about being reborn as a fat, lazy married woman?What else was there to do? Cold salad!Yang Meng leng looked at a white fat, home, straight crazy.She wanted to cry, but she also rolled up her sleeves and worked hard.Lose weight, start a business, dou xiaosan, with the family well-off.It’s just…Yang…Guide into the pit: ‘from thrift into luxury easy, from luxury into thrift difficult!’The ancients did not cheat me!Yang Meng stop mouth laments, but the work at hand is a bit also did not pull down.She washed the cabbage, thinned it, tore it into sections and set it aside.Now there are gas canisters, the kind that are lit with matches.But that’s not a problem for Yang Mengleng, who, while in the orphanage, was able to go from cooking over wood fires to cooking through modern gas pipes.She struck a match and lit the fire along the edge of the stove.Heat the pot to add oil, add garlic cloves fried fragrant, pour into the cabbage slices, fire stir fry, add a little salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and then stir fry the cabbage broken raw, a little stew, finally stir out of the pot, plate.Reheat the wok, put the oil, and when the oil boils, put the sliced ginger, garlic cloves and peppercorns, fry them until fragrant, remove all the ingredients, put in the bean sauce, fry them until fragrant, add a little water, and a simple bowl of sauce is ready.In their present condition, they will not be able to eat meat until the New Year!Forget it. Consider it a diet.When the sauce is ready, Yang turns down the heat, brushes the pot clean, adds water to boil, and cooks the noodles before plunging them into cold water.Finally, out of two bowls, put the sauce, pour on the noodles.In previous life, although she was very busy, she insisted on cooking by herself every day. It was not only a hobby of her own, but also ensured the hygiene of food and controlled the intake of calories.And her craftsmanship is also well known.Yang Meng leng will be two bowls of fried sauce noodles first carried out, and a plate of cabbage also carried out, on the table.At the same time, he handed Luo mingzhong a pair of chopsticks and said, “Here, eat.”Luo Mingzhong did not pick up, Yang Menglan had sulky chopsticks, on his bowl above, and then sit on the seat, looking at Luo Mingzhong.Luo Mingzhong has never seen Yang Menglan seriously, she used to see themselves always a pair of disdain, that is, barbaric unreasonable, and rude.Now, although still before chubby appearance, but people clean and relaxed many.And there are few such quiet moments.Eyes, without those miscellaneous miscellaneous things, no longer despise disdain, but clear and straightforward.By this look in the eyes, Luo Mingzhong has a little unnatural, he cold face, tone slightly impatient: “eat!”Then he sat down too.Yang Meng leng had to make, immediately picked up chopsticks to eat up.She eats slowly, she chews carefully, to give her brain the illusion that she’s full.Feeling his here three layers, outside the three layers of meat, she groped, is a day to reduce a catty, estimated or a fat.Besides, she had never seen anyone lose weight before!There’s a long way to go…Since Luo Mingzhong sat down, Yang Menglan felt the atmosphere on the table weird.Although she ate with her head down, she felt chilly on her back.She looked up carefully, and saw Locke sitting there eating noodles with a straight posture, as if nothing had happened.Or is it your own delusion?Yang Menglan with Luo Mingzhong time, also do not know what to say good, then only eat noodles.(Click the link below to read the novel.) That’s all for today’s recommendation, what would you like to say to the editor?In the end of the article below the comment area, small make up can see oh, look forward to your message ~ past period of wonderful content review: “Preplanned beautiful wife: Jiang Shao spoil heaven” he posted photos in the circle of friends with text: daughter-in-law whole army boiling “depend on each other” the whole family starved to death in the past life, this life she space store full of food goods, seven younger sister control brother silly eye abuse article:He was her brother in name, and all he wanted was to marry her!The secretary said: boss, the lady openly declared war with you “after wearing the book I married his father” gram wife, she is not afraid of, willing to be pure and passionless for a lifetime