Deputy secretary of yueyang Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Li Aiwu presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government

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On the afternoon of January 25th, Mayor Li Aiwu presided over the first executive meeting of the Municipal Government, conveying the spirit of the provincial “two sessions” and the ninth plenary meeting of the provincial government;Convey the spirit of relevant meetings of the Leading Group to Promote the Development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, watch the Ecological and Environmental Warning Film of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in 2021, and study the rectification work of highlighting ecological and environmental problems;The State Council and the provincial government will work hard to implement the 2021 supervision and incentive measures, and arrange key work around the Spring Festival and a “good start” in the first quarter.Listen to the adjustment of yueyang City Urban Planning Area Mountain water Protection Planning and other work report.Addressing ecological and environmental problems along the Yangtze River Economic Belt is not only a political responsibility, but also a matter of livelihood and long-term development, the meeting said.Yueyang, as a demonstration area of green development along the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the first place of “protecting the clear water of a river”, should take the lead in ecological priority and green development.All levels of departments and units to come up with the most determined attitude, improve the station to create;● Adhere to the strictest standards, really hit hard grasp rectification;● Take the most powerful measures, to catch the investigation;● Maintain the most pragmatic style, shoulder the responsibility to grasp the implementation, by grasping the rectification of prominent problems related to yue warning piece, further maintain and polish the Yangtze River Economic Belt green development demonstration area this card.The meeting briefed The State Council and provincial government on the supervision and incentive of 2021, the work of the city’s capital competition, and made comments on the relevant work.The meeting pointed out that in 2021, the city level in the promotion of “one thing at a time”, high-quality development of manufacturing, financial management and other 15 work to obtain supervision and incentive, the number of awards ranked the second in the province, the hard-won achievements, worthy of full recognition.● To strengthen the use of results, control the award situation, strict reward and punishment, the incentive and spur effect fully released in place.● To strive for The State Council awards, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in 1-2.● Early action to take the initiative, adhering to the beginning to accelerate, starting to start the spirit, in accordance with the established development ideas and work measures, formulate schedules, task book, perseverance to promote the implementation of important work, pay attention to the completion of key tasks;● To strive for the first, consciously look up to the best, and the strongest standard, strengthen the sense of striving for progress, walk in the forefront, to ensure that the work, the task undertaken in the national and provincial horizontal comparison can get high marks, and effectively shoulder the responsibility of building provincial sub-center city mission.The meeting stressed that efforts should be made to prevent and control the epidemic, ensure supply and price stability, ensure workplace safety, maintain stability through letters and visits, ensure people’s livelihood, be honest and self-disciplined, and get off to a good start this year.The meeting also put forward specific requirements for a good plan to compete for resources.Meeting principle by the yueyang green chemical engineering high-tech industry development zone area expansion area and yueyang dongting brigade international conference and exhibition center project involves the yueyang city planning mountain water conservation plan adjustment and asked, with a new round of national spatial planning adjustment links up, try to avoid in the process of the actual construction of mountain water footprint.The meeting also examined other matters.