Tyson said he could ko Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan also said he was mythologized, but the truth is not so

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“Bruce Lee and I could easily beat him in a street fight without boxing rules,” Tyson said on the air. “But he’s a real martial artist. I say that because we’re not the same weight.”But Jackie chan said: he was deified, in fact, he is not so good!And with Bruce Lee once fought sammo Hung, Chen Huimin said a surprising big truth!In an interview Jackie Chan was asked, who would win a fight between you and Bruce Lee?Jackie smiled confidently and said: Let him win!The other party asked: You mean, he is not your opponent?Jackie chan said: muscles and height and weight I better than him, we have worked together, he is deified!And Jackie Chan’s elder brother Sammo Hung really played with Bruce Lee, at that time Sammo Hung is a well-known martial artist, and Jackie Chan is still a guest actor, on all aspects of ability are not as good as eldest brother Sammo Hung, once Bruce Lee to Sammo Hung’s studio class, Sammo Hung saw the idol came forward and said: your kung fu is very fierce!Originally want to flatter he did not think Bruce Lee thought he was in provocation, Bruce Lee with a thumb poke nose, high head said: you boy refused to accept, come out to compare!A group of martial arts who are not too busy to see the fun said to Sammo Hung: you don’t want to lose, ha ha!Sammo Hung is the age of vitality, in the circle is also a respectable person, would rather be beaten also can not let people look down on, again he is very confident, his heart said that if this Bruce Lee stem over, that this life can be some blow, think of here he said: don’t heckling, dozen dozen I am afraid of who ah!After going out, the two were surrounded in a circle, Bruce Lee took off his jacket to show his strong muscles, while Sammo Hung was not only fat, but also his stomach was swinging around. Seeing this, Bruce Lee’s mouth curved and said: Can we start now?Sammo Hung stood up and shouted angrily, “Come here!” Then he kicked At Bruce Lee. A moment later, he put his leg down again, because Bruce Lee’s leg had stopped near his ear!Bruce Lee said: still play?’No more, no more!’ hung said, shaking his head.Bruce Lee said: how about my kung fu?Sammo Hung lifted his thumb and said, “I’m impressed!”Talking about this episode of the past, Sammo Hung is still fresh in his mind, from this matter it is not difficult to see that Bruce Lee’s strength is not deified, and another thing is to hit Jackie Chan!Chen Huimin that year in Hong Kong is not only a double bonus stick, in the river’s lake is the big brother, perennial struggle so that he has accumulated a lot of actual combat experience, and he is very proficient in boxing and other kung fu, has been in the challenge match defeated a number of opponents, won the championship!He and Bruce Lee in Hong Kong, one is a kung fu superstar, the other is an underground king, who refused to accept who, not long after the two met on the set, Bruce Lee asked Chen Huimin said: I heard you can fight, is it true!Chen Huimin not to be outdone said: if you don’t believe, we can play a game!Bruce Lee with the thumb poke poke nose said: that still wait for what now start!Soon both of them showed clear lines of muscles, Chen Huimin took the fight to the past, Bruce Lee felt the speed and strength of the other side, Bruce Lee paid more attention to him, then Bruce Lee began to attack with legs, Chen Huimin was soon shocked both arms raw pain, tiger mouth numb!After the dozen Chen Huimin very admire to say: if be kicked by him really is will be somebody’s life, don’t look at dozen up we can’t distinguish high and low, if desperately I affirmation be killed by him!And Bruce Lee to Chen Huimin is also very admire, from then on the two became good brothers!But not long after Bruce Lee died, Chen Huimin could not believe it was true, he felt that such a strong man could not say no!After The death of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan was supported by the force. With the success of drunken Master and other movies, he became a superstar. When shooting Dragon Master, Jackie Chan directly found Chen Huimin and said: I heard that you fought with Bruce Lee, let’s compete!When Jackie chan as the prime of life, Elizabeth fp is bigger than him for 11 years old, is the so-called boxing afraid of lions, from ChengLongZhan that they haven’t done my advantage, can fight Jackie chan will soon fall into the draught, if not timely stop Elizabeth fp, Jackie chan certainly lost the adults can clearly see from this, no experience of actual combat Jackie chan, than the average person is much some,If there was a real fight, he wouldn’t be able to take the stage!In comparison, Tyson was more convincing. During the live broadcast, he said that if he didn’t use boxing rules, he could have killed Bruce Lee. After all, he is the heavyweight champion and can punch more than 800kg with one punch!He then added: ‘I respect Bruce Lee because he is a real kung fu superstar. Maybe considering the Chinese market, it’s not wise to say anything.’But to be honest, if there were no rules for head-to-head fighting, although Tyson had the advantage in physical strength, weight and so on, Bruce Lee had a better chance of winning, mainly for several reasons!1. If there is plenty of room for movement in street fighting, Bruce Lee’s flexibility is much stronger than Tyson’s. As long as he is not blocked into the corner by Tyson, Tyson can’t take him at all, which will make Bruce Lee invincible!2, Chinese martial arts are killing skills, not for performance and fighting, Bruce Lee can use the flexibility to attack Tyson’s vital, as long as one hit, Tyson will immediately become a soft footed shrimp!3, although tyson fist is very heavy, the pace is very flexible and can beat Bruce lee KO punch, but he told the leg, knee and elbow on the use of the system training, so at this point Bruce lee also has a lot of advantages of various factors comprehensively, tyson said can easily kill Bruce lee is obviously some too blind self-confidence,But there is no denying that Tyson is very strong and practical experience, BELIEVE that even Bruce Lee would not be willing to fight with this guy!Once zhao Changjun, the martial god of the same name as Jet Li, was beaten into the hospital by three bludgers more proved that the kung fu champion is just good-looking, and there is no actual combat ability!Bruce Lee obviously does not belong to this kind of kung fu actors, after a lot of actual combat, challenging numerous boxing hall he is worthy of the king of Kung fu.Who do you think will win, Bruce Lee or Mike Tyson?