During the Spring Festival, I worked at The Matang Police Station to strengthen epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

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In order to ensure that the epidemic prevention and control work during the Spring Festival is carried out effectively, so that the local people can enjoy a stable and peaceful festival.Matang Police Station of Wenshan Municipal Public Security Bureau earnestly implements the requirements of epidemic prevention and control work at provincial, prefectural and municipal levels, strengthens its responsibilities, and grasps all measures for epidemic prevention and control and social stability.According to the requirements of “containment, blocking, investigation and control”, the “three intensification” measures were taken to ensure epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival.Strengthen publicity and prevention.One is on the eve of the Spring Festival, the organization area supermarkets, hotels (hotel), entertainment, Internet cafes, barbecue (shop), and other personnel gathered more places, epidemic prevention and control work conference, head of the emphasis on prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control work importance and requirements, and inform all the attendees for caused consequences for failing to carry out the prevention and control will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.Second is positive and the village committee, village group, party members and cadres, materialize organization strength, in-depth villages every village to carry out the epidemic prevention and control, fire safety knowledge and to crack down on the crime of illegal cross-border propaganda, told the villagers to strengthen health cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, not cluster together, go out wearing a face mask, strengthening with fire safety during the festival, to prevent telecom fraud, etc.,To epidemic prevention, prevention of production accidents, prevention of fraud propaganda without dead Angle, prevention and control knowledge coverage.Strengthening screening of epidemic risks.Cooperate with the town government to verify the information of the returnees recently, guide the masses to establish the ideological awareness of being responsible for themselves, others and society, actively cooperate with them, prepare the itinerary and conduct nucleic acid testing, and inform the returnees to go to the hospital in time if they feel unwell.Strengthening prevention and control of social gatherings.One is continually push “three check five told a propaganda” “the three solid” and “millions of police into the thousands of” action, comprehensively strengthen the hotels, entertainment venues, rental and other places of industry supervision, public security organization officers to every night whether regulation to supervise strictly implement industry places in and out of the workers wear masks, thermometers, swept into and sanitizers requirements on a regular basis.The second is to strengthen the inspection of the employment units under the jurisdiction, focusing on the inspection and rectification of whether there is illegal employment of “three non” personnel, to achieve “clear base, zero problems”.Third, timely carry out the work of persuading people to disperse spontaneous gatherings.Increase the detection and platoon of gathering activities in all villages and villages, and immediately cooperate with cadres of town government and village committee to persuade people once large-scale gathering is found, so as to avoid prevention risks caused by crowd gathering.