Dachuan middle school to Stone bridge middle school to carry out management exploration to help activities

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On March 31, under the leadership of Sun Rencheng, the vice principal of Dachuan Middle School, a group of seven people went to Dachuan Shiqiao Middle School to carry out the helping activities, and carried out in-depth exchanges on classroom teaching, school management, mental health education, and school image publicity.Bai Xiaoli, deputy director of the Party construction office of Dachuan Middle School, and Kuang Qinghong, deputy director of the first grade group, had a teaching exchange discussion after listening to wang Ting, teacher of Shiqiao Middle School, teaching “Old Wang” on the spot.At the meeting, Bai Xiaoli and Kuang Qinghong gave full recognition to Wang Ting’s solid basic skills, careful interpretation of teaching materials, accurate grasp of teaching priorities, and put forward suggestions and suggestions on optimizing teaching design, classroom structure and stimulating students’ learning autonomy.Wu Zhide, director of politics and education of Dachuan Middle School, communicated and discussed with the management staff of politics and education of dachuan Middle School about the development of students’ moral education in detail.Jiang Yu, deputy director of politics and education in charge of mental health education in Dachuan Middle School, and Zhou Zhihui, professional psychology teacher, looked up the psychological screening report data of students in Shiqiao Middle school in detail, and communicated with the teachers on the rational design of psychological screening scale and scientific implementation of psychological screening.Yang Hua, director of dachuan Middle School’s admission office, communicated with the relevant staff of Shiqiao Middle School’s office about the management of the school’s website and public account, as well as the construction of the school’s propaganda position, the use of propaganda platform and information dissemination.Symposium, according to the stone bridge middle school party secretary Xu Jinglie DaChuan area arrangements for the event, DaChuan middle school party will optimize the classroom teaching, mental health education, students propaganda, routine management, school grade group management introduced the DaChuan middle school’s practice and combining with the situation of the stone bridge middle school put forward opinions and Suggestions.In particular, Zhou Zhihui made a profound analysis of the current situation of mental health education in Shiqiao Middle School from a professional point of view, pointed out the problems existing in the operation methods and professional screening standards, and gave special guidance to the scientific implementation of psychological screening, psychological warning, psychological intervention and other aspects.In the exchange, Sun Rencheng talked about “one feeling and two suggestions”, praised shiqiao Middle School by changing the spiritual outlook of leading cadres to promote the change and improvement of the school, and praised the thick school history culture of Shiqiao Middle School.Combined with the management of Dachuan Middle School, he suggested that Shichong strengthen the security personnel in a specific period of time on campus inside and outside the inspection and form a management routine, suggested that Shichong in administrative duty and office assessment clear ledger, process management and assessment objectives to promote the implementation of school management.Finally, Xu Jinglie on the event, a row over the stone bridge DaChuan middle school high school work on various aspects of the guiding work solidly, puts forward the problem of very accurate, pulse is very fine, strong pertinence, hope the stone bridge middle school in charge of the leadership, the various departments, various grade group combining the reality of school, especially the recent need to carry out the work,As well as the related problems touched in this activity, strengthen reflection and improve in the later work.At the same time, he said that dachuan Middle School will help Shiqiao Middle School, according to the arrangement of the Bureau of Education and Science, further promote the orderly development of learning with posts, thematic exchanges and other activities, hope that shizhong people from the idea to action to take the initiative to reform themselves to promote the new development of the school.Sichuan Dachuan Middle School Yang Hua 0