Brush single fraud, in the end how to implement?

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Brushing fraud has become the king of fraud, the largest loss of the largest amount of cases in the end how to implement fraud?How is the fake fraud APP downloaded?Brush fraud 01 small red envelope temptation, gradually in-depth type: the cheater through the Internet, SMS and other widely published false advertising, said to do the task can get red envelope.Lure the victim into the first large brush single group, the active people continue to pull into the small group, in the small group of the most active people, drainage company will sell information to foreign fraud gangs, fraud gang “customer service” one on one to the victim of fraud.Method: 1, through the simple task, get a small red envelope, will be greedy people for a screening, pull into a small group;2, in small groups, complete the task of downloading APP (fraud APP), and can receive a small red envelope.3, have downloaded APP (fraud APP), add QQ alone, let the victim do large brush single, the implementation of fraud.Fraudsters fully grasp the victim’s psychology, the most active, the most greedy people selected, the implementation of accurate fraud.4. Fraud apps include: Douyin National Task APP, Fine Workshop APP, Hongbao Technology APP, Cash library APP, Lvzhi APP, Dunhuang APP, etc. (victims report).02 Using a false platform to recruit prostitutes, lure the victim to do the task: the swindler made a false platform to recruit prostitutes, widely issued false advertisements, so that the victim to log in the false APP.After logging in to the fake APP, in order to achieve the purpose, according to the process of the platform, you need to do tasks.The so-called task, is to lure to brush single.Methods: 1. Create a false platform for solicitation of prostitutes;2, through the Internet, SMS and other widely issued false advertising;3, in order to achieve the goal, it is necessary to do the task, each person corresponding to different amount of brushing, complete the task can choose.03 using free led items, and gradually lure type: claims can get free items, attract the victim to download APP, false fraud victims into mid group sent a single brush, induce the victim to try, and will give back to the income return, later gradually guide the victim into large sum of money, even to cast a big bet gambling for high returns.Method: 1, free to receive gifts on the grounds of the head, to deceive the victim, the gift is impossible to get;2. Key items, download APP (fraud APP);3, the victim download fraud APP, found that it can also “make money”.Small rebate, gradually send a large single brush to the victim, until the ruin.(fake fraud APP page) police tips 1. Do not greedy cheater use the victim’s greed to implement fraud, gradually lure, so that the victim can not extricate themselves.There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and making a lot of money at your fingertips is a fraud.2 to download the national Anti-fraud Center APP to make false fraud website links, APP, through scientific and technological camouflage, ordinary people can not identify, please download and install the National Anti-fraud center APP, to install a protective cover for mobile phones.3 reject any form of brush, please keep in mind that any request pad money brush is fraud, encounter “brush” “brush credibility” “brush credit”, please take the initiative to stay away, are fraud!The money displayed on the fraudulent platform cannot be withdrawn.Source: Wuhan Anti-Telecom And Internet Fraud Center