Work together to welcome the spring

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“Golden wind to send joy, winter jasmine has opened, February earth spring thunder gong and drum beat up…”The Spring Festival of 2022 will be slightly different from previous ones. It will be the first Spring Festival after COVID-19 prevention and control became normal. With the call of “Spring Festival in place” and “off-peak travel”, this Year’s Chinese New Year is bound to be “different”.The 2022 Spring Festival travel rush will be affected by sporadic local epidemic cases and clusters of local epidemic cases. Airports and railway stations around the country will not be as busy as in previous years. Epidemic prevention and control will be the top priority this year, and more and more people will choose to celebrate the Spring Festival locally.Despite the low traffic, railway, aviation and other transport departments have taken different measures to ensure the safety of people travel, “true 3 d live-action VR navigation” wearing masks intelligent identification algorithm for zero contact non-inductive type boarding “such as digital technology to better protect the safety of the passengers festival, at the same time, around 5 g network through the airport, high MTR station, subway station,It provides network support for the digital service of Spring Festival transportation.The “Different” Spring Festival travel rush in The middle of the Chinese year escorts passengers on their way home in an “intelligent” way of “no contact”, “automatic” and “humanized”.Online shopping makes different kinds of New Year shopping more convenient.In the traditional New Year shopping, we see a family reunion at the end of the year, hand in hand to major offline shopping supermarkets, flower markets to buy New Year’s goods lively scene.This year, due to the epidemic, offline shopping demand has gradually shifted to online shopping. Compared with the same period of last year, “favors” consumption has not decreased significantly, instead, orders from other places shine brightly.For example, Chaoshan beef balls from Guangdong province are popular all over the country during the Lunar New Year festival, becoming the most popular “Cantonese flavor”.During the special period, local Spring Festival has become the best way, and online shopping has also become the safest way. Online shopping brings convenience to more people without contact distribution.Although the epidemic has prevented people from going out and their children coming home for the Spring Festival, what can never prevent is the heart of the children and their hometown. Although the children can not go home, the wechat video phone also makes the distance closer.The epidemic is not over yet, and prevention and control cannot be stopped. In order to better block the epidemic, we all need to work together and not act arbitrarily for selfish gains.Finally, at the beginning of the New Year, I wish you all a happy New Year, peace, joy and good luck in the New Year.Text: Li Jinyu zhang Yuhan Song Zhikuan Typeset: Guo Yichuan Miao Yupeng Image: From the Internet