Are you aware of all the misconceptions about vitiligo

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Vitiligo is a skin depigmentation disease, which is neither painful nor itchy in white spots, but it will affect the appearance of patients with white spots, causing psychological burden and pressure.Especially for patients with chronic illness, study and work will be affected to a certain extent.In order to achieve the goal of removing white, it is necessary to adopt the correct treatment, it is necessary to understand the misunderstanding about vitiligo in advance.So what are some misconceptions about epilepsy?1. Vitiligo is a terminal disease.Although the treatment is difficult, but they are not terminal disease, can be cured, and has no impact on health.At the beginning of the disease, the possibility of cure is very high.Patients must not think that vitiligo is terminal disease is not treated, resulting in the development of vitiligo spread, the development of late treatment will be more difficult.2, with external medicine can cure vitiligo.We sometimes see such advertisements, coated with a week of ointment, vitiligo completely cured, this is a liar.Vitiligo treatment, although it requires some external medicine, is not as magical as advertised and will not go away.Exaggerated advertising has a lot of deceptive ingredients, to the hospital for systematic treatment is the premise of curing vitiligo.Vitiligo is contagious.Some people automatically want to get away from vitiligo as soon as they see white spots on their bodies.Vitiligo is a melanin loss disease, there is no pathogen, is not infectious.The cause of vitiligo is related to many factors, such as genetic factors, such as neurological factors.We should not misunderstand vitiligo is an infectious skin disease.4, white spots are vitiligo.For vitiligo many people are very afraid, but we fear, but also to actively do a good job of it and other related diseases.White patches are not vitiligo.There are other skin diseases that have white spot symptoms, such as tinea versicolor, anemic mole, senile white spot, etc.Long white spots on the body, do not easily their own conclusions, to go to the hospital for systematic examination.Vitiligo can get better on its own.Although vitiligo will not cause any impact on health, but if left untreated, it will become more and more serious in most cases. In the development stage of vitiligo, the spread of leucoplakia is fast, and the places exposed to the body and frequently rubbed will grow leucoplakia.Vitiligo is a very common disease, it will make people grow ugly white spots, especially affecting people’s lives, I hope we all have to believe in science, do not be confused by the existence of misunderstanding, active treatment is the key to cure vitiligo.