All the new semester textbooks of Shiyan will be delivered to school to ensure that “everyone who arrives before class has a copy”.

2022-07-04 0 By

Shiyan Radio and Television news (all media reporter Fang Hua) School is about to begin. Recently, the reporter learned from xinhua Bookstore that the spring 2022 textbooks for primary and secondary schools have all been delivered to schools.All kinds of teaching books are well stocked.On The 15th, the reporter saw the warehouse of xinhua Bookstore in the city, which had been piled up as a mountain, and now there are only some scattered books stacked in the corner.According to the staff, so far the city’s 102 primary and secondary schools, more than 1.9 million textbooks, have all been distributed to each school before the start of the school.In addition, before the school, is also all kinds of books to buy peak, bookstore staff told reporters from December last year, they began to actively stock, from primary to high school all kinds of teaching auxiliary, sinology, tools and other books and papers all kinds of rich.According to the characteristics of sales in previous years, middle and high school books are the most popular during the back-to-school season, which will last until the end of February, said an official of the bookstore.