A warm “home” for truck drivers!Yueqing Liushi truck Driver’s Home offers 20 heart-warming services

2022-07-04 0 By

On the morning of the first day of the first lunar month, yuan Yukuai, a truck driver from Anhui province, took his wife and children to liu Town, Yueqing City, to make dumplings and celebrate the New Year.”A hot drink, a hot meal, a hot bath and a good night’s sleep are all things we could never dream of when we were on the road, but since we have van Driver’s Home it feels like coming home. It’s warm.”The “home” of Yuan Yukuai is the “Oujiang Hong · City Post station” – “truck driver’s home” located in Qiligang community of Liushi Town.It has five service platforms, including self-help kitchen, bath room, laundry room, multi-person room, husband and wife room, reading bar, temporary rest point, service hall, medical station, legal aid and other 20 specific services.In addition, the service area water heater, water, wireless network 24 hours supply, emergency oil, medicine, free beds, kitchen supplies and other living equipment.During the Spring Festival, the “truck Driver’s home” has served 27 truck drivers.As the “Electrical capital of China”, Liu Town of Yueqing city has 107 logistics companies and hundreds of truck drivers.To effectively solve the truck driver “eat to live in the car” question, since this year, the town party committee set up by the who in charge of the party committee of the CPC party construction of two new members working for the team leader “family of the truck driver” program, the program through the commissioner and visit, online collection, on-site asked to insight into the actual demand for their van drivers, road’s visit to the truck driver 90 person-time,Logistics companies held 3 on-site meetings, a total of 93 opinions and suggestions.Currently, the truck Driver’s Home has a parking area of 3,000 square meters and a service area of 260 square meters, which can accommodate 50 trucks and serve 30 truck drivers.It is understood that the “truck driver’s Home” working team through the establishment of a temporary party branch, the establishment of party members vanguard post, dispatched party members volunteers and other ways to ensure that five staff to provide daily services.Under the normal state of epidemic prevention and control, special personnel have been assigned to carry out light coding, temperature measurement and verification for truck drivers, sterilize service areas three times a day, and conduct nucleic acid tests on service personnel every other day, thus strengthening the defense line of epidemic prevention and control for truck drivers’ Home.Data: Wenzhou daily reporter: Miao Proteose photography: Huang Han editor/first instance: Chen Di second instance: Liu Yao third instance: Zhou Chaosen your every praise and look, small cloth like!