A few tips for home buyers!Keep you from taking detours when buying a house

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Some advice to buy a house, correct a lot of people buy a house thinking mistakes.The first point, buy a house only need to consider the problem of living, need not consider value preservation, appreciation?Consider that for the average family, the valuation of a house accounts for more than 70% of the total assets of the family, and the mortgage on a house accounts for more than 80% of the total debt ratio of the family.Buy a house to buy the wrong city, buy the wrong location, neither value-added potential, depreciation and sell out, at that time will be tearless.In fact, a house is a family’s reserve of available funds, which can be sold when the money is used to solve the urgent need, and has the function of living when the money is not used.If only consider live, do not consider the value, value, then the assets of the family is in the loss, this concept we must abandon.Second, buying a house must look for the kind of cost-effective house?At the end of the year a lot of real estate in discount, promotion, but try not to touch the cheapest house in an area.If a real estate in its region of the cheapest price, or is the quality of general, planning, positioning level is relatively low, or developers may leave the city, will not continue to take land development in the city, after the delivery of housing, housing or provide property services when there is no security, this is very doubtful.The other is the debt housing enterprises, anxious to recover funds to protect life, this time to buy its cheapest house, if the capital chain is broken, the construction site shutdown, not ordinary people can stand.In fact, when buying anything, not just a house, try not to buy the cheapest item in the same category.Third, do you want to buy school district housing?But if the house is very close to the school, the children can sleep more every day. If the elderly take care of the children, the parents can sleep more, walk less, and occupy less time for retirement and leisure. This is also something to consider.The fourth advice to a lot of parents a lot of parents when their children are young, in the future do not know where to go to the development of the child, in advance in the hometown to his home.If your hometown is a core city, that’s fine, but if you’re in a small city, it’s a big problem.Now many third -, fourth – and fifth-tier cities house prices not only do not rise, but also can not sell, the second-hand housing market is too bleak.Bought in advance, if the child does not come back to live and work in the future, and do not consider whether the price drops, when need to use money can sell out is a problem.The above is for you house buyers to give a few suggestions, and finally hope that we can buy a desirable house.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to yan Door said real estate