6-year-old boy draws maps every day?Lingnan University doctor: enuresis in children should be treated early

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The Spring Festival holiday, should be “happy” “beaming”, can 6 years old flying fly (pseudonym) home is “cloudy”……What’s going on here?The original is the Spring Festival small long holiday, flying every day at home “draw a map”……Before The Spring Festival, it was “occasionally twice a week”, which was “tolerable” for Feifei’s parents, but during the holiday, Feifei “draws maps once a day”.But, flying parents took him to the hospital after the doctor’s examination, evaluation, was diagnosed as enuresis.Enuresis to early detection, early treatment of enuresis commonly known as bed-wetting, usually refers to children in the sleep of involuntary urination.Tan Bensen, a special guest on Guangdong TV’s “Lingnan Doctor” and director of developmental behavior department of Guangdong Children’s Hospital, said: Children aged 5 and above on average at least two times a week nocturnal urination, lasting more than three months, are likely to suffer from enuresis.According to the survey, the prevalence rate of children aged 5, 7 and 10 is 15.2%, 8.2% and 4.8% respectively.It still affects 1.7 per cent of 16 – to 18-year-olds.According to the report, 35.7 percent of parents have scolded their children for bed-wetting.Only 18.2 percent of parents sought medical help.Some parents think their children are too lazy to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, tan bensen said.Some parents blame themselves for their children’s bed-wetting.But actually, bed-wetting is a disease and not anyone’s fault.Children with long-term bed-wetting are prone to be withdrawn, introverted, sensitive, lack of confidence, fear of communicating with people, fear of collective life and other psychological diseases and behavioral abnormalities, which seriously affect children’s daily life and learning.Therefore, Tan Bensen director suggested: once the child enuresis problem, we must go to the hospital for examination, assessment and diagnosis, do early detection, early examination and early treatment, to avoid long-term effects to the child.How to do children enuresis?1. Find out the child’s approximate bed-wetting time, and try to wake up the child before bed-wetting, or set an alarm clock to wake up the child, so as to gradually develop the habit of getting up regularly and urinating.2, before going to bed, children should try to reduce the intake of water, encourage children to urinate when the bladder capacity is the largest, to help children establish confidence in overcoming the bed-wetting habit.3, the treatment of children enuresis must pay more attention to the diet, to avoid spicy food, milk, chocolate, as far as possible low salt, low sugar diet, eat less raw and cold food.4, if the effect of the above method is not ideal, consider using some drugs under the guidance of the doctor, with drug treatment.Tan Bensen director special remind: enuresis can be cured!If parents find their children have bed-wetting behavior in life, they must not “abuse”, to face up to the sudden emergence of the “bad guy”, to help children defeat the “bad guy”!