Women’s Federation of Wuzhishan city: the strength of women in bloom

2022-07-03 0 By

With the rapid development of economic and social undertakings, the non-public economic organizations and social organizations in wuzhishan (hereinafter referred to as “two new organizations”) quantity more and more, play more and more big, has become the wuzhishan a force to be reckoned with in the economic and social development, and the women in the two new group of workers are also increasing year by year,The city women’s federation in the overall situation of the party and government, women’s work, the development of the two new organizations to find the breakthrough point, actively explore the new channels and new paths of the women’s federation organization construction, in the two new organizations to establish women’s federations, led by the Party construction, extend the network of women’s federations.Previously, the women’s federation had not been established in the wuzhishan two new organizations, making the work of the women’s federation limited.Wuzhishan city women’s federation in accordance with the “where there are women, there are women’s organizations and women’s work” concept, relying on CPC fu building, in 2019 took the lead in old friends will be in the property company to set up the women’s federation, and then successively in vernal housekeeping, red elegant home stay facility, six dragon bus companies, and other enterprises set up in the women’s federation organization, continuously enlarge the coverage of women’s organizations, women’s federation work arm,We will expand the influence and cohesion of women’s federations to better serve women.In two new organization fu building work, women’s federation in wuzhishan is focused on the new age women, give full play to their role as the link between Bridges among women, women deliver services to the nearest place, make the two new women’s organizations has become an important position, condensed, service women and women’s federation organization important to participate in social management and public service platform.Wuzhishan warm home economics is the second batch of women’s federation organization, set up since the women’s federation was founded in July 2020, under the guidance and support of the city women’s federation, warm domestic company’s registered home economics class, solved the problems of part of rural families in need of women’s employment, women’s federation organization company also use a variety of holiday sisters visits condolences to the countryside left-behind children,I visited the elderly in the nursing home, and actively led the women sisters to integrate into social life, so that they could not only change their own lives but also have the ability to help other families in difficulty.Wuzhishan guide and support the two new municipal women’s federation organization, strengthen the self building, solidarity, innovation activity carrier, develops the content of work, and actively participate in various public welfare projects, effectively develop women’s volunteer service activities, take concrete actions to establish a good image of the All-China Women’s Federation, to show the social influence of two new women’s federation organization and cohesion.At the same time, actively guide the female worker that two new women’s organizations involved in the activities in the city women’s federation organization to carry out, also can send two of the new women’s organizations on behalf of the city women’s federation held various training, try to provide them with more display platform, to better promote the healthy development of the enterprise, at the same time, also give full play to the functions of the All-China Women’s Federation of Bridges.In addition to support and guide the wuzhishan vernal housekeeping service company use of company resources to carry out the left-behind children, the disabled old man visits condolences activity, city women’s federation for women employees also provide talent stage, guide the wuzhishan red elegant home stay hotel project director in 2021, the province female creative competition, led the women’s achievements in economic and social harmonious development.Wuzhishan city women’s federation in the party leading, fully give play to the role of Bridges, to implement function, improve service levels, strengthen ideological and political guidance, education of women in the new organization construction tasks such as training and position, efforts to create a push to establish women’s organizations in two new work and promote the healthy development of the new situation.Today, the two new women’s federations in Wuzhishan city have become a strong position for the Party to carry out women’s work and a warm home trusted by women.Source: Hainan Provincial Women’s Federation