Tighten the safety valve on the tight safety string

2022-07-03 0 By

To strengthen the production and business operation entity to return to work after the Spring Festival during the rehabilitation of production safety work, yiyang county safety supervision law enforcement officers into a line supervision enterprise set to return to work and production work plan, carry out safety education training, before the start of all kinds of equipment and facilities for security hidden perils, the implementation of all safety measures, effectively all kinds of production safety accident occurs,Ensure yiyang county production safety situation is stable.In recent days, Yiyang county safety supervision and law enforcement personnel in-depth enterprises to carry out the supervision and inspection of the resumption of work and production safety after the Spring Festival, and guide enterprises: first, to carry out the resumption of work and production before the accident hidden trouble self-examination and self-correction.The main person in charge of the enterprise to lead the team to carry out safety inspection, workshop director, team leader, staff before the start of the focus on mechanical equipment, electrical lines, fire safety, dangerous chemical storage and use of a comprehensive investigation, eliminate hidden dangers.Second, we will ensure that enterprises are responsible for production safety.The enterprise and workshop, workshop and shift group, shift group and employees layer upon layer signed the safety production target responsibility book, improve the safety awareness of the enterprise staff, to achieve unsafe, no production.Fireworks and firecrackers are prohibited before the start of work, so as to start civilized work, guide employees to continue to tighten the string of safe production, build a firm development concept of safety first, start from every post, start from every employee, put the measures of safe production into effect.Third, strengthen safety education and training.The “first lesson” of safe operation is to carry out emergency handling drills and training simultaneously by means of training for all employees and warning film education, so as to improve employees’ safety awareness and emergency handling ability, so as to ensure that the enterprise runs steadily and goes far, takes the forefront in safe development, and ensures safety.Graphic editor: Ma Chaoyang Review: Wang Lijie (source: Yiyang County People’s Government website)