Ten-year-old children receive birthday presents at quarantine point Warm scenes of epidemic prevention work in Taicang

2022-07-03 0 By

Flowers, cakes, cartoon toys…At lunch time on February 18, Yiyi received her 10th birthday present from the quarantine staff in taicang Quarantine Hotel.”After receiving the gift, Yiyi was very happy.”Yiyi’s father sent these small gifts to the isolation point’s wechat group, and the group of friends have praised the blessing, “It is really a special birthday experience, everyone should be safe and healthy!””Thank you for your concern and hope the epidemic will pass soon”…”When we registered, we counted the people who would celebrate their birthdays at the quarantine point, because the life in quarantine would inevitably be boring and anxious. We tried to create as much happiness and sense of ceremony as possible for them under limited conditions.”Scene staff told reporters.Small gifts at isolation sites, green passages at sampling sites, and hot rice and wine soup in front of volunteers…In the front line of the epidemic prevention in Taicang, one warm moment after another has been frozen.For special groups such as the elderly, disabled people with limited movement, pregnant women and infants, taicang nucleic acid testing centers have arranged on-site nucleic acid testing services, where volunteers and community workers conduct on-site nucleic acid sampling.Some enthusiastic merchants offered steaming wine and rice dumplings to volunteers and medical workers who stood firm at nucleic acid testing sites.Many property service enterprises take the initiative to provide services. Party members take the lead and work overtime to assist in sampling point layout, cleaning and elimination, code testing and temperature measurement, queuing registration, order maintenance and publicity services.(Su Baorong Media reporter Gu Zhimin zhou Zhe correspondent Gu Jiale/photo) Editor: Li Junfeng (new media operator, senior photographer)