Huinong network launched a number of “online + offline” Spring Festival to accurately help hunan agricultural products sales

2022-07-03 0 By

Huinong network undertook suining county first electric business Annual goods festival.Rednet correspondent Lu Nana reports from Changsha that the Spring Festival is drawing closer as the Lunar New Year passes.The “atmosphere” of the Chinese New Year should be the “Spring Festival travel army” in the waiting room. The “ceremony” of the Chinese New Year starts from buying goods for the New Year.Recently, Huinong launched the “online + offline” all-channel Spring Festival activity to fully meet people’s multi-level and diversified purchasing needs during the festival and increase market consumption vitality.”By participating in the ‘Online Spring Festival Shopping Festival’ of Huinong, my own products were further promoted and made good profits.”Liu Xiaojun, who sells Jingshan native eggs on, said shops were flooded with business from all parts of the country during the Festival, with turnover up 100 per cent year-on-year.Since the beginning of January, has cooperated with merchants on the platform to carry out the three major theme activities of “Year-end stocking”, “Spring Festival closing” and “Opening of the Year promotion”. A series of preferential policies have been launched to enable buyers to enjoy the benefits of Spring Festival and help local featured agricultural products to expand the market through the network and reach the whole country.Among them, in the 8-day “Year-end stocking” activity, all the activity products were sold at a discount price, and all merchants were offered the full subsidy of transaction fee platform, during which the total transaction volume increased by 265% year on year.At the same time, Huinong also set up a special theme of “Hi Buy New Year’s Goods” 2022 Hunan Online New Year’s Goods Festival, set up nan County, Hengnan, Ningyuan, Taojiang, Suining, Dong ‘an, Linli, Anren, Guiyang, Mayang, Linwu and other counties, concentrated display of high quality agricultural products in various counties, precise help hunan agricultural products “cloud” sales.At the same time, huinong network linkage Hunan Suining county, Ningyuan County, Linli County, Hengnan County, Dong ‘an County, South county and other 6 counties landing Festival activities, promote local consumption of Products, will be sent to the consumer’s “doorstep”.In the first suning e-commerce New Year’s goods festival, more than 100 kinds of agricultural products, such as green money willow, tea oil, dongshan red extract, gynost’ pentaphylla, preserved products, hot open.”Wax products, as one of the distinctive name cards of Suning, are sold throughout the year, but the most critical time is still one month before the Spring Festival.”Long Chi Shi, the person in charge of Suining Yang Commercial City Co., LTD., said that because the end of the New Year is approaching, everyone began to prepare for the New Year goods, orders are more and more, the company’s wax products sales reached the highest peak of the year, only on the day of the New Year goods festival, “online + offline” total turnover broke through 80,000 yuan, a recent high.On the scene of the Ningyuan New Year’s Festival, various kinds of commodities are widely seen, crowded and prosperous. Ningyuan nine yi rabbit series products, ningyuan blood duck series products, ningyuan navel orange and other local agricultural products are deeply loved by consumers.On the opening day of the Linli New Year’s Shopping festival, the public brand of “Linli Taste” agricultural products was officially launched, and the flagship store of Linli characteristic agricultural products was declared open for business. Eighty-nine “Linli taste” New Year’s goods were available for the public to buy, and the thick New Year’s flavor was coming.Hengnan County New Year festival sales data outstanding performance, the opening of the day online and offline sales of agricultural products amounted to more than 900,000 yuan;Dongan New Year’s Goods Festival, intangible cultural heritage material jiang Yongji’s Dongan chicken several times sold out of stock;South county is the characteristics of the network goods will be entered into the May 1 business district of Changsha, South County rice shrimp, south county crayfish “hand in hand” appearance, attract Changsha channel business orders broke 200,000 yuan.At present, huinong net platform “year-end no closing” activities are in progress.It is reported that, to further boost the agricultural products, Huinong network will be launched on February 9 to February 15, “open year greatly promote” activities.Shenbin, CEO of Huinong, said that in the upcoming “promotion of the opening of the year” activities, Huinong will continue to provide more high-quality agricultural products, strengthen the matching efforts of production and sales, and further expand the sales channels of agricultural products, effectively promote rural revitalization.