Guizhou has launched a campaign to improve the quality and efficiency of forest resources

2022-07-03 0 By

Zunyi Gongshui National Nature Reserve is located in Zunyi City, southwest China’s Shandong Province.The Forestry Bureau of Guizhou province recently released its key work points for 2022, calling for efforts to consolidate poverty alleviation achievements with high-quality development, boost rural revitalization, and shift the focus of work from greening to improving quality and efficiency.This year, Guizhou will vigorously implement the action of improving the quality and efficiency of forest resources, comprehensively strengthen the work of forest planting and seedling, and further promote the precise improvement of forest quality.Implement tree species structure adjustment 300,000 mu.A total of 600 square kilometers of rocky deserts were prevented, and 200,000 mu of grassland ecological restoration was completed. One demonstration area for the ecological protection of typical grasslands in southern China was built, and two demonstration areas (sites) for the comprehensive control of rocky deserts were built. The integrated vegetation coverage of grasslands reached 88.9%.A total of 1.8 million mu of national reserve forests have been built, and 2.75 million mu of forests have been planted. One provincial-level forest city, 20 forest towns, 50 forest villages, and 500 forest households have been built. The green coverage rate of villages has reached about 44.5 percent.Original title: “Guizhou Implements action to Improve Forest Resources quality and Efficiency”