Gongyi hero donated organs to revive 4 patients after his death

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Medical staff bowed in silent tribute to organ donor Wang Wanchong.Wang Wanchong, 40, died of acute myocardial infarction on February 3, the third day of the Chinese New Year, which was supposed to be a time for family reunion.His family endured the grief and donated his organs according to his wish, so that he could live on earth in another way and bring the hope of life to four unknown patients.Big love kindness and responsibility mission, the Red Cross in suqian and witnessed by the human organ donation coordinator, commissioned by the human organs in jiangsu province for service management center for experts and medical workers, relay continuation of love, is implemented on the same day a liver, lung two kidney of organ donation, in 4 patients with severe sent to the new hope in the New Year.”Of the six organs donated by the deceased, four were immediately available to four patients and two were available to other patients within a day or two.”According to Liu Wensen, an official with the Jiangsu Organ Acquisition Service and Management Center, this is the first donation in Jiangsu province and the most donated organs.”The passing of Wang Wanchong is deeply regrettable and we all thank him and his family for their selfless dedication to saving the lives of critically ill patients.”Wang wanchong’s mother said that her son was kind and helpful when he was alive. Donating his useful organs to others after his death is a special way to bow down his life and warm the world with love.It is understood that Wang Wanchong is gongyi, Henan province, 2009 to suqian business, mainly engaged in bus stop advertising and other businesses.In recent years, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and other impacts, the business has been in the red. When my friend cleaned out his belongings, his personal account only amounted to 5,000 yuan.According to wang wanchong’s friends, he is a responsible person who cares about his family and is loyal to his friends.Fu Chunchao, head of The Suqian Chunchao Poultry Company, said: “He always responds immediately when we come to him and tries his best to help.”His teacher, Dang Zheng, said Wang not only worked hard to make money outside, but was also a “warm man” who cared about his family, buying food for cooking, picking up his children and helping them with their homework.It is worth mentioning that Wang Wanchong is enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and dares to shoulder social responsibilities.In 2021, Henan was hit by heavy rain, which caused floods.Wang Wanchong actively called for donations from relatives and friends. Under his leadership, 33 fresh trucks filled with love materials from Suqian arrived in Henan in a timely manner.Source: Xinhua News Agency client, reporters: Liu Lin, Tian Qingwu