What on earth is the use of reading?

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What’s the use of reading books anyway?During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Zhu Shunshui said: “But if you don’t read, don’t worry about reading without use.”Most people who ask this question don’t read books.So they don’t know, reading and not reading, lead a different life.In the West, there is a “10,000-hour rule” : to become an expert in a field, one needs to put in 10,000 hours of continuous effort.Quantity changes quality changes, 10000 hours is that quantity, outstanding is that quality.The so-called genius is more the result of continuous efforts.There was little difference between those who exercised and those who did not, after a day or a month;Five years, ten years, fifty years, there is a huge difference in physical and mental state.To the old day, some of the eyes and ears, strong health;Some are old and sick.Reading is the same truth, reading and do not read people, accumulate over a long period of time, eventually into the abyss.Therefore, insist on reading, is the most stable life rely on, the best way out.Taoist Lao-tzu said: the folded wood, born in the very end;Nine layers of Taiwan, from the base soil;A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Confucian Xun Zi said: “short step, no down to a thousand miles;Not small streams, beyond into rivers and seas.Buddhism “infinite life sutra” said: people have the heart to seek the way, more than progress, will be the ke guo, why not?Chinese culture, Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, tells us all about it.The influence of reading on people may not be obvious from an individual’s point of view, but shocking from a nation’s point of view.Jews lead the world in the number of books read per year, with an average of 64.China’s 1.3 billion people, on average, read less than one textbook a year.A nation that loves reading is naturally excellent.Since their inception, Jews have taken 20 percent of the Nobel prizes in chemistry, 25 percent in physics, 27 percent in physiology and medicine, 41 percent in economics and 12 percent in literature.It has also won more than a third of Pulitzer Prizes and more than a third of Oscars.Darwin, Marx, Freud, Einstein, Oppenheimer, Picasso, Heine, Kafka, Mozart, Chopin, Rockefeller, Morgan, Disney, Buffett, Spielberg…These are the most glorious names in every field of human history, all from the Jewish people.Jews make up only 0.3 percent of the world’s population.What about China, home to nearly one-fifth of the world’s population?Reading and not reading, the final gap is the same.Don’t like Lu Youshi said: books to time square hate little, things do not know through difficult.More like Yan Zhenqing poem said: black hair do not know study early, whitehead square hate reading late.Read more books and learn more knowledge today, and you will have less to ask for tomorrow.Life is so hard, people are so difficult, need to offset dignity.If not, then the practical use of reading is here.Therefore, Ouyang Xiu, a great litterateur of the Northern Song Dynasty, said: To establish a body to learn first, learn to read.Modern Chinese painting master Li Kuchan said: the bird to fly first wings, people be self-motivated to read first.Some people ask: I used to read a lot of books and then forgot, what’s the point of reading?Someone replied: You used to eat a lot of meals, and then also forget what to eat, what’s the point?Meaning is that the food you eat has grown into your own flesh and blood.The books you read also become your spiritual flesh and blood.Perhaps these flesh and blood can not help you meet the difficulties in reality, but at least, you can have a different state of mind, different self-cultivation.Your heart will affect the people around you, affect your children, life will not completely fall into the dark vortex of negative energy.Just like the ancient poems we recite when we are young, what’s the use of reciting?The use is: when we grow up, when we face the countless beautiful scenery in the world, what appears in our mind is not “I X” or “ox X”, but “sunset clouds and lone ducks fly together, autumn water and the sky are the same color”.When I was a child, I memorized many poems, but when I grew up, every trip was like revisiting the same place.Virtue is: when you grow up in love, echoed in my mind is “humanitarian deep sea water, do not cover the acacia half” “day not old, mood, heart like double screen, thousands of knot”, “a day of sight, such as sowing and ploughing xi” rather than “love is like sugar, sweet to the sad” “after you left, only to find that some salty tears” “who sad for who, who to who despair”.The more you experience, the more you will realize that all the ancient poems and poems that were devoured in childhood have carried with them the deep emotion of the moment when they were written.All reading is the same.If you want to answer what reading is for, reading is to understand the world, not confused, will not be lost.Ni Yuanlu in the Ming Dynasty said, “When reading through the world.”Reading is to cure oneself of stupidity and inferiority, and to view the world and its affairs with a more hierarchical, deeper and richer perspective.Western Han Liu Xiang said, “the book is still medicine, good reading can cure foolishness.”Reading is to edify a body of static, elegant, talent, atmosphere, integrity, courage, harmony and luck, in the future can be less contaminated with some impetuous, vulgar, pedantic, stingy, evil, timid, angry and unlucky.The ancients cloud, “reading is not famous, what people high elegant.Xiude is not reported, the natural dream of peace of mind.”Yuan Mei, a great scholar of the Qing Dynasty, said, “Reading is good for the heart, and the way has been passed when the snow is deep.” Reading for a long time is actually a transformation.It is a transformation of the mind, the atmosphere and the pattern on which all man’s actions and achievements are based, and his destiny is thus changed.Why can others read classics while you can only read web novels and bad chicken soup?Why is it that others can read good books but you can’t?You said it was because it was hard to read.That’s an excuse.Yan Zhitui, the author of Yan’s Family Instruction in the Northern Dynasty, said: One out of ten things in the world will fail because of difficulty, and nine out of ten will fail because of laziness.You’re not because it’s hard, you’re just lazy.Reading, especially reading good books, is never comfortable, always need to be gnawed, always need to be patient to grind.As Zhu Xi said, “the method of reading without him, but is an open mind, repeatedly detailed play, for the active ear.””The method of reading, step by step and step, read and meditate.”Even so, how much less us?It’s not that reading is so great, but the act of reading means that you don’t fully identify with this world and reality, that you still have a pursuit, you still have a struggle, you still have dissatisfaction, you are still looking for another possibility, another way of life.Reading is in order not to become the kind of person you hate most.Reading is to meet the people you want to meet.Reading is to become an interesting and thoughtful person.Just as Zeng Guofan said: vegetarianism is not turbidity; sleeping alone is not turbidity; sitting silently is not turbidity; reading is not turbidity.He said: reading can change temperament.Statement: this article is transferred from the network, the author is unknown, we would like to exchange and share, ownership belongs to the original author!