Visiting key projects, volunteering, performing arts…The winter vacation life of these returning college students in Wenchang is really wonderful

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How do you spend your winter holidays?College students who do not have winter vacation homework are too boring to stay at home because of the epidemic prevention and control.That take a look at wenchang the returning students they how did you spend the winter vacation left left left down just after the lunar New Year holiday in February 13 sponsored by the communist party of China (wenchang municipal party committee propaganda department of wenchang, wenchang, new era civilization practice center integrating media center for the 2022 college volunteers, wenchang, the return of view invitation key project activities within less than a day for nearly 40Returning students actively sign up to participate in college students has to wenchang international antonio-dallas stratosphere QiBu District “five longitudinal of three horizontal” road network project construction site feng wan modern fishery industrial park hall and park construction base will be wen town will phoenix village and other places to see details about hometown beautiful rural construction rural revitalization of the development of key projects such as tommy chan left a present at lanzhou jiaotong university, measurement and control technology and instrumentFreshman of professional tommy chan during a visit to observe and record the hometown changes in the process of “my college classmates know wenchang because wenchang is China’s fourth space launch site has the jiuquan satellite launch center in gansu province that is a wonderful fate I had with dormitory students watch the wenchang space launch online!”Talk about their own interests and hobbies tommy chan gushing watch since 2016 after a rocket launch that has been motivated by his exciting feeling when it comes to their own professional and future target tommy chan said he wanted to work in the aerospace related wenchang international space of city construction let he began to look forward to come back after graduation wenchang hometown lu mei zhi”Prosperous years of development in me but still have a lot of surprise to see I think before I do enough I should be with parents to swim a circle or a ring of wenchang tourism the wenchang swim time also let the parents look at wenchang in recent years the development of “the naval military medical university junior high lu mei zhi excitedly told reporters that although he is a genuine wenchangWenchang still too many places are not pass should be going and looking around to know wenchang in recent years the development of the organization of this activity is especially meaningful in wenchang future industrial development park rules beautiful rural construction and rural revitalization of the achievements of these returning students said witnessed changes than on the Internet can see more surprise everyone by wen at ordinary timesChang released wenchang melt some official platforms such as media center of the latest changes in wenchang in themselves will continue in the future to the people around propaganda wenchang culture and custom of gourmet beauty let more people understand the wenchang love wenchang in addition to visiting a key project of beautiful country wenchang new era civilization practice center and wenchang, be in harmony the media also carried out a “new era civilization practice reading sharing activities”By returning to college students volunteer to share my reading experience with teenagers held” wenchang in the new age 2022 years civilization practice center volunteer work and returning students melt media center panel exchange “buzz wenchang new change together with the students of university home returning students entrepreneurial employment planning organizations yuanxiao network party and so on” by organizing our wenchang returning homeRepresentatives of college students volunteer to participate in the activities for the general college students volunteer experience home new change new target development blueprint for the development of further inspire the passion of returning hometown hometown college students pay attention to building their homeland and power return home after graduation in hainan construction of free trade port and wenchang international antonio-dallas stratosphere condensed wisdom and power for the development of the new era of wenchang “wenchang, volunteer service guidanceChen Huixue deputy director of the center said “hope wenchang these outstanding students to participate in these activities have a more in-depth understanding of wenchang in their cognitive perspective to publicize wenchang wenchang have a good platform to let them get the practice and exercise only involved in the development of wenchang construction of how to realize the hometown of change also wish they could have learned something use their own knowledgeIn the construction of hometown.”Li Xin, deputy minister of propaganda Department of Wenchang Municipal Committee of the COMMUNIST Party of China, Director of Network Information Office of Wenchang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, responsible person of Wenchang Rong Media Center, sincerely invited all wenchang students again in an interview. The 2022 winter vacation is coming to an end, but the wonderful activities will not end. We will make an appointment with you next time when you return home!Source: “Cloud on Wenchang” client note: this text and text by Wenchang publishing editor published, reproduced must indicate the source.Statement: some pictures from the network, if there is infringement of your rights and interests please contact us directly, we will delete or negotiate permission to use matters.Email News hotline 15308906559