The national football team exploded again!Li Xuan broke the news that some people in Vietnam do not want to win, fans: investigate to the end

2022-07-02 0 By

The recent international performances of China’s men and women have been the opposite.China’s national football team has become a national pariah after losing its last two World Cup qualifiers, first to Japan and then to Vietnam by huge margins.And our Chinese women’s football team in the Asian Cup is all the way through, all the way through the thorns, all the way back to win the championship, China’s men and women’s football performance can be said to be a world of difference, one is to win glory for the country, one is to smear the country.So the life of Chinese men’s football team is not very good recently, and today the women’s football team also went to Suzhou isolation.Living in the same hotel as the men’s soccer team, fortunately now is a person a room closed isolation.Men and women cannot meet each other, if it is not closed and isolated, then the men’s football team sees the women’s football girls, I don’t know how they will feel, will feel guilty, will feel guilty.As a big man, it was a bit embarrassing to play like that to be honest.So our national football team seems to be very low-key recently, even though it has recently recruited ten new players.Basically did not do what too much publicity, for fear of fire.However, the more the national football Team tries to keep a low profile, the worse it is. Just today, the national football Team has revealed another surprise. Li Xuan, an official journalist of the Football Newspaper, publicly stated on the Internet that there was something strange about the loss against Vietnam, and I felt that some people did not want to win.The comments immediately caused a stir, putting the dormant Chinese men’s soccer team back in the spotlight.Who is Li Xuan?Why did his words cause such a stir?It should be said that he is a well-known big V in the sports world and an official reporter of the football newspaper. If you still have the impression, all the words and deeds of li Tie, the former head coach of the National football Team, were basically revealed by Li Xuan. For example, Li Tie took advantage of the national football team’s position to advertise on weibo, which was li Xuan’s first attack.There are Li Tie with national foot position replacement brokerage company signing rights.These exposures are behind teacher Li Xuan’s figure, so what he said is not groundless.It is not to say casually, since he can say such words, there must be a certain basis.There are many netizens in the teacher li Xuan’s dynamic message.Is it that some national players don’t want Li Xiaopeng to win?Or perhaps these national players have any ulterior motive?In fact, to be honest, looking back on the game is a bit confusing.This is the world preliminary match China and Vietnam’s second war, the first game national football team played very imposing manner, basically is rolling over Vietnam.And got a 2-0 lead early, but in this game we can see that China basically did not attack, but was pressed by Vietnam, this is a very strange place.In addition, some players were not active enough in this match, such as Wang Shanchao, who lost the ball, and captain Wu Xi.He dodged a cross that was clearly not a shot.So you have to wonder, at least their motivation must be debatable.To take a step back, match-fixing is not unheard of in the history of Chinese football.More than 10 years ago, there were still a lot of fake matches in China, and now there are still a lot of people wearing silver bracelets and eating public food inside, so this situation is not excluded.However, we should not speculate until the facts are confirmed. Of course, it is not ruled out that some players have made fun of the honor of the country for their own selfish purposes. It is also possible, so after the news broke, many fans left comments below.Said must investigate to the end, must be found out this kind of black sheep, if there really is such a player.Be sure to ban him and put him out of football for good.Of course, we don’t want that to happen, and we’ll see what happens next.Well, that’s it for this episode.If you like it, be sure to retweet it, like it, leave a comment, thank you bye bye.