“Mental health” psychological short film “the power of a smile”, see the complete individual has been cured

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You know, there’s a lot of friction in life you get knocked out of your papers, you get robbed of your parking space, you get poured coffee all over your face or you choose to be cold and angry and you want to shake your fist, or you choose to smile and face your mind. The short film “The Power of Smiling” tells us, like a child, smile a lot and you’ll find,Life is like a Mirror a smile is the best way to face life a smile is the most beautiful language Forever keep a heart smile to life so, from today on smile every day the power of smile in any time and space,A smile of encouragement can turn a fight into a friendship a sincere smile can dissolve a bond,It takes only a smile to warm each other. If you smile often, the smile spreads to those around you and attracts those who like to laugh to you. Hugo said, there is one thing more like us than our faces, and that is our expressions.There is something more like us than expressions, and that is our smile.Your smile has healing power Bring your own sunshine Laughter is the most powerful thing against depression True wealth is smiling from the heart And when you smile, the world loves you.Source: China Psychological Counselor Development Alliance