Ethiopia buying Chinese fighter jets, next to Chinese bases, will become a bastion of China in Africa

2022-07-02 0 By

In recent years, Chinese military enterprises have conquered territory around the world and won many orders.These orders are not just for business, but also for major foreign activities, such as diplomacy, trade and investment, between China and many other countries.The Ethiopian Air Force is set to become the second foreign customer for China’s L-15 light fighter aircraft, as China recently made another success in African countries, according to a report on military Watch.The order was secured in 2021 to replace the country’s ageing fleet of mig-23 fighter jets.The L-15, nicknamed The Flying Lion, was developed by China’s Hongdu Aircraft Factory, but it is not designed solely for export. The Chinese Air Force already has the aircraft, which it calls the Trainer 10.The Coach-10 was selected by the PLAAF as the new-generation advanced trainer in 2010 and is the best equipped trainer by the PLAAF to date.According to Mr. Hongdu, the Trainer 10 is far ahead of most of its peers in most performance metrics.It can train pilots for the Chinese Air Force’s fourth and fifth generation fighters.The L-15 can also be exported as a trainer, fighter and attack aircraft, making it very attractive to small and medium-sized countries that are short of funds.In addition, the PRICE of the L-15 itself is very reasonable compared to the models commonly available in the international market.Just because the L-15 is reasonably priced doesn’t mean it’s underperforming.The L-15, powered by two Ukrainian-made AI-222 turbofan engines with afterburners, can fly at a maximum speed of Mach 1.4, making it a truly supersonic fighter.Hongdu added passive phased array radar to the L-15, which can detect airborne targets at a range of 110 kilometers.The aircraft can carry a variety of Chinese-made air-launched weapons, including PL-12 air-to-air missiles, as well as air-to-ground missiles, and is also capable of carrying electronic jamming pods for electronic suppression missions.Though it is in poor Africa, Ethiopia’s borders are troubled, with somalia in turmoil and Yemen, just across the Red Sea, in civil war.So Ethiopia is not relaxed about its military buildup.In the 1990s, Ethiopia ordered Mig-23s and Su-27s from Russia.But these fighters are nearing the end of their lives.So Ethiopia desperately needs new fighters to replace it.Many people know that China’s first overseas military base is in Djibouti on the Red Sea, but few know that Djibouti is right next door to Ethiopia.That would make it easy for Ethiopia to get military support from China, and for China to get some logistical support from Ethiopia, reducing the pressure on transocean supplies would become China’s bastion in Africa.The Djibouti base is of great significance to China, as is building friendly and stable bilateral relations with neighboring countries.As China takes a firm foothold in the Middle East, the history of western powers such as the US being dominant here will be gone forever.(Military Fish)