A sudden!Russia cuts interest rate by 300 basis points, Ukrainian Defense Ministry: NATO membership goal written into constitution, US sanctions against Russia again, what happened?

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Point blue word attention, do not get lost ~ The Russian central bank has a big action!Russia’s central bank announced Thursday that it will cut its key interest rate from 20% to 17%.The central bank also said that the external conditions of the Russian economy are still very complicated, which to a large extent limits economic activities in Russia.Risks to Russia’s financial stability remain, but they are no longer rising.Russia’s central bank said it may continue to cut key interest rates in the near future.According to CCTV news client, a missile attack on a train station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on Saturday local time reportedly killed 30 people and injured about 100 others.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the news on social media.The Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday denied the kyiv regime’s claim that Russia launched a missile attack on the railway station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk.April 8, European stocks rose, Germany’s DAX30 up 1.09%, France’s CAC40 up 1%, Britain’s ftse 100 up 0.85%, the euro stoxx 50 up 1.5%.In Russia, the MOEX index fell more than 1% and was still down 0.8% at the time of writing.Russia’s central bank announced Thursday that it will cut its key interest rate from 20% to 17%.The central bank also said that the external conditions of the Russian economy are still very complicated, which to a large extent limits economic activities in Russia.Risks to Russia’s financial stability remain, but they are no longer rising.Russia’s central bank said it may continue to cut key interest rates in the near future.Russia’s central bank announced on February 28th that it would raise its benchmark interest rate to 20%.The Central bank of Russia said in a statement that the Russian economy is facing drastic changes in external conditions, the benchmark interest rate can be guaranteed deposit interest level, to deal with the devaluation of the local currency and inflation risks, maintain financial and price stability, to protect people’s savings.’The central bank will further evaluate internal and external risks, financial market reactions and changes in inflation, and continue to take appropriate measures against key interest rates,’ the statement said.The Russian Central Bank said on February 27 that Russia has the necessary resources to maintain financial stability and ensure the operation of the financial sector.The Russian side will guarantee the ruble cash and non-cash circulation of banks.Russia’s banking system is stable, with sufficient capital and liquidity, and all banks in Russia are operating normally.In addition, the Russian side will use a local version of the Financial Information Transmission System (SPFS) to complete the relevant business.In the currency market, the Russian ruble continued to rise against the dollar and the euro, recovering to the level before the russia-Ukraine conflict, according to data from the Moscow exchange.According to the Moscow stock Exchange, the ruble rose to 75.75 to the dollar and 81.45 to the euro by the end of The day.The rouble rose as high as 74.26 to the dollar and 80.69 to the euro.Over the past month, the rouble exchange rate has experienced huge fluctuations.On February 24, the Russian side announced the launch of special military operations, the ruble began to show signs of rapid depreciation, the exchange rate of the DOLLAR fell below 80 to 1 on the same day, followed by a downward trend, on March 9, once fell below 120 to 1, a record low.As Russia has taken various measures to deal with sanctions, stabilize financial markets and boost market confidence, the rouble exchange rate has gradually recovered.The Russian Finance Ministry will work with the central bank to make the rouble exchange rate more predictable and less volatile, Russian Finance Minister Igor Siluanov said Thursday.Analysts believe that although the rouble exchange rate continues to rebound, but considering geopolitical tensions and sanctions factors, the Russian central bank’s foreign exchange transaction restrictions will remain, temporarily can not be restored to the previous mode of operation.On February 24th local time, the Russian Central bank decided to start intervening in the foreign exchange market to stabilize the Russian financial market.In addition, the Russian Central bank issued a notice to domestic brokers to stop short-term trading from 11 am on the same day until the central bank issued another notice to resume trading.A missile attack on a railway station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk Thursday killed 30 people and injured about 100, ACCORDING to CCTV news client.Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the news on social media.Andrei Alystovich, adviser to the chief of the Ukrainian president’s office, said the missile that landed near the train station was a Russian-made weapon.Donetsk said the missile was fired by Ukrainian forces.The Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday denied the kyiv regime’s claim that Russia launched a missile attack on the railway station in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk.Ukraine’s deputy Defense Minister Says the country’s goal of seeking NATO membership is written into the constitution and will not change.In 2019, the Rada Verkhovna rada (Parliament) of Ukraine officially approved constitutional amendments, which included Ukraine’s accession to the European Union and NATO as the basic policy of the country.In late March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said he was willing to discuss becoming a neutral nation as part of a peace deal with Russia.But he reversed himself recently, saying he was ready to join NATO.At a just-concluded meeting of NATO foreign ministers, the alliance agreed to provide Ukraine with more heavy weapons at its request.And Russia has warned that sending arms to Ukraine would have a negative impact on peace talks.At a NATO foreign ministers’ meeting, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andrei Kuleba asked for planes, missiles, armored vehicles and heavy air defense systems, saying any delay would lead to more civilian deaths.NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the meeting that the Allies had agreed to further strengthen their support for Ukraine immediately in the medium to long term and called for more action and equipment.Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Western countries have carried out multi-dimensional sanctions and strikes against Russia.On April 8 local time, the 27 European Union member states officially approved the fifth round of sanctions against Russia.On the energy sanctions issue, the European Union decided to ban coal imports from Russia starting in August.The EU currently imports €8bn worth of Russian coal a year, figures show.In an April 7 statement, the Treasury Department said the U.S. government added eight Russian citizens and 29 entities to its sanctions list.The statement said the US government imposed sanctions on 29 subsidiaries of Russian Union Shipbuilding, including Ruby Design Bureau, Central Maritime Design Bureau of Almaz and Baltic Shipyard.The United States also imposed sanctions on eight board members of The Russian shipbuilding company United Shipbuilding.USC is Russia’s main state-owned company responsible for developing and building warships for the Russian Navy.Russia’s prime minister, Russia’s western sanctions number 7, local time, more than any other country ever, Russia’s prime minister, m schuss jing in the duma (the lower house of parliament) make government work report, said Russia the number of western sanctions than it has ever been a time of any country, but Russia’s economy up.The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said the new round of sanctions imposed this year was on an unprecedented scale, more than any other country targeted at any time, bringing the total to more than 6,000.Mishustin says an economic war has begun against Russia.Russia is facing its most difficult situation in 30 years. Those who are attacking Russia think Russia has collapsed, but Russia’s economy has held up.He stressed that the sanctions imposed on Russia by unfriendly countries are aimed at creating chaos and hitting everyone, but those who seek to destroy the Russian economy will not achieve their goals.Mishustin noted that an important response to western sanctions is to achieve the independence of Russian industry, and that it will take half a year for The Russian economy to adapt to operating in the new environment.At present, the top priority is to provide working capital for Russian enterprises and ensure their stable operation.Another priority is the creation of a green channel for imported products.In addition, the Russian government will give support to aviation, Internet technology, tourism and other sectors, and increase the supply of goods.Russia has been suspended from the UN Human Rights Council (UNCHR).Question: The UN General Assembly held an emergency special session on Ukraine on July 7 and voted to adopt a resolution on suspending Russia from the UN Human Rights Council.What is China’s comment on that?Zhao Lijian first said that The Chinese Permanent Representative to the UN has fully expounded China’s position in his speech before the vote.Zhao lijian said that I would like to reiterate that China always stands for promoting and protecting human rights through constructive dialogue and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual respect.China firmly opposes politicizing and instrumentalizing the human rights issue, selectivity, double standards and confrontation, and putting pressure on other countries under the pretext of the human rights issue.The relevant resolution will deprive a country of its legal membership in the Human Rights Council. Such a major matter must be handled with extreme prudence, calmly, objectively and rationally based on facts and truth.The drafting process of the relevant resolution was not open and transparent, nor did consultations of all member States and extensive consultation of views be held as usual. Such practices will only aggravate the division of member States, intensify conflicts between the parties concerned and add fuel to the fire, which is not conducive to the de-escalation of the conflict or the progress of peace negotiations.To handle the issue of membership of the Human Rights Council in this way will create a new dangerous precedent, further intensify confrontation and have a bigger impact on the UN governance system with serious consequences.Zhao lijian stressed that China calls on all parties to meet each other halfway and make joint efforts to create opportunities for peace and open up prospects for negotiations.All original content of securities Times platforms, without written authorization, shall not be reproduced by any units and individuals.We reserve the right to investigate the relevant subject of legal responsibility.For reprinting and cooperation, please contact SecuritiesTimes assistant on wechat ID: SecuritiesTimes illegal and bad information report tel: 0755-83514034 email:bwb@stcn.comEND click on the keyword to view the potential hope series of in-depth reports! 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