Yibai Technology has won the honorary title of “Little Giant” enterprise

2022-07-01 0 By

According to the relevant policies of the state and Beijing Municipal Government for specialized new “Little Giant” enterprises, Yibai Technology was successfully selected into the list of the second batch of Specialized new “Little Giant” enterprises of Beijing in 2021 through enterprise solicitation and a series of evaluations.Display part selected enterprises specialization, “new” is carried out by national ministry of industry organization, to further implement my, state the guiding opinions on promoting the healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises, promote transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises, high-quality development and implementation of major projects, specialization, “new” enterprise, is a professional, innovative refinement, characterization, the small and medium-sized enterprises of,They are “small and sharp” and “small and specialized”. They focus on some subdivisions for a long time, and work deeply and intensively in technology and product quality. They are characterized by high professionalism, strong innovation ability and great development potential, and are an important force to promote local economic and social development.D best is China’s leading pharmaceutical marketing digital transformation of science and technology service providers, with independent research and development of pharmaceutical marketing SaaS cloud services and medical push friction disc, for pharmaceutical companies to provide “enterprise domain, the whole scene, all data link, smart” marketing solutions for digital transformation, foreign 30 + offline marketing scenario can be realized online digital transformation,Internally, it can establish an integrated marketing management system through multiple departments of the enterprise, help pharmaceutical companies break through the internal and external integration of digital marketing closed loop, and create a new situation from digital operation to integrated management of pharmaceutical companies.At present, Yibai has served more than 1,000 pharmaceutical enterprises and more than 100 association customers.Beijing’s specialization, the new “little giant” enterprises honor, is the state and society for medical technology level, innovation ability and the status of industry recognition, is our motivation in the forward, medical science and technology will continue to uphold the long-term strategic planning, go specialization, “new” the road of scientific and technological innovation, the deepening medical digital marketing field, continuously improve enterprise comprehensive strength,To build the industry benchmark, become the leader of digital marketing transformation of Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises!