Why did Tan xuguang say that “autonomous driving is a bluff, while assisted driving is the hope”?

2022-07-01 0 By

At the weichai Power 2021 annual results conference, Weichai Power Chairman Tan Xuguang language out of surprise, said: unmanned driving is deceptive!Assisted driving is the hope that specific environments can be achieved.In this regard, some people understand that Lao Tan thought conservative, do not know the infinite possibilities of scientific and technological development.In fact, after watching the whole conference, it can be seen that What Tan meant is that unmanned driving is the wind in the capital market and the future direction, but there is still a long way to go at this stage, including the limitations of technology, cost and application scenarios.For example, he said: “The first scenario to use assisted driving is likely to be mining card, which can reduce the number of mining card drivers by a third and reduce personnel costs.Another most promising scenario for the use of assisted driving is agricultural machinery. In the three northeastern provinces, intelligent agriculture will take the lead in the use of assisted driving with heavy trucks. Unmanned driving is currently impossible.What is your opinion on Tan’s remarks?Come and interact in the comments area!