The Beginning: These 4 bugs, each bigger than the last, lead to a bad ending

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Article | buildings jun midday sun released 15 set plays – “start”, the fire.After all, noon Sunshine is a brand that has long been rooted in serious period dramas and grand period dramas, whether it’s the melee drama Nirvana in Fire or the realist drama A Big River.After watching the finale, I realized that the 4 bugs, one is bigger than the other.Wang Mengmeng is an introverted girl, she took a bus to meet the obscene uncle to his desire to figure out the wrong, from the video, she stood motionless there.She is no longer a pupil, but a college student, educated and educated.Although it was possible that she had not seen much of the world and did not know how to solve the problem.But she could just walk away and take another seat.Or take a seat next to the driver.Can avoid wretched uncle to continue to have harassment to her again already so, can avoid to be afraid of wretched uncle to have revenge to oneself again.Wang Mengmeng incident as the source of the end, should not be so hastily settled.You said she was an introvert, but why did she grab the steering wheel when she asked the driver to stop the car when it was full of people?As the finale, Wang mengmeng’s reaction was too far-fetched.02 Liu Yao can get off at yanjiang East Road station, why don’t Wang Mengmeng get off the witness Liu Yao, she used a mobile phone to take the behavior and face of the wretched uncle.But the creepy old man seems to have spotted her and is heading her way.Liu yao pretended to look in the mirror in fear, and when she got to the Yanjiang East Road station, she got off quickly.After getting off the bus, Liu Yao gasped for air and called her mother to tell her about it.The bus arrived at yanjiang East Road station. The bus arrived and stopped normally. Liu Yao had already got off.However, the question came, why didn’t Wang Mengmeng get off?Instead, after getting on the bridge, he made a fuss to get off.It would be reasonable to say that when she was harassed by a creepy uncle, she would run quickly to the front, to the driver’s side, and clamor to get off.03 no one found obscene male behavior obscene uncle’s behavior was from several positions of Liu Yao found, so, so many people on the car, there will be someone found.The creepy guy is standing at the back door, and there’s a surveillance camera right above him.In that year’s video, I only saw the position of the front door next to the driver, where there was a video of Wang Mengmeng grabbing the steering wheel.But why didn’t the police pull the video from the camera at the back door?If they did, how could they not have detected the creepy uncle’s behavior?4. The driver stopped in the middle of the road to put down Wang Mengmeng wang Mengmeng met a sex maniac, on the bridge, she clamored to get off, the manner or must get off.She grabbed the driver’s steering wheel to get out of the car.The driver was afraid she would do something out of line, so he agreed to let her off.Bus drivers will carry out pre-job training before taking up their posts. The training content is about how to deal with emergencies on the bus, and more about safety issues.So, the driver of bus 45, he’s not a novice.When Wang asked to get out of the car, he was forced to stop and let her out because he was afraid she would do something too dangerous, like grabbing the steering wheel.This is understandable.However, it can be seen from the video that the driver did not pull over, but stopped in the middle of the road on the bridge, and then opened the door to let Wang out of the car without looking at the traffic coming from the lane next to it.Wang Mengmeng met sex maniac, disturbed, a car was hit fly.Overall, the finale left a lot of things unsaid.The hole I dug in front of me was too big to fill.It felt like the finale was forced. It was far-fetched.These four bugs, each bigger than the last, led to a bad finale.