Strong measures to protect the safety of traffic police detachment to carry out strict investigation of key traffic violations of the united action

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In order to effectively do a good job in road traffic security during the Spring Festival holiday, further standardize the road traffic order, ensure the realization of the work goal of “four non-occurrence, two decline”, and create a good road traffic environment for the masses to celebrate the festival and the smooth holding of the Winter Olympic Games, February 2,The traffic police detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau organized a unified campaign to clean up key traffic violations, such as drunk driving, carrying people illegally on tricycles, riding motorcycles without wearing helmets, and driving motor vehicles without wearing seat belts.On the day of the action, 859 traffic violations were investigated, including 34 cases of drunk driving, 19 cases of driving without license, 4 cases of overloading passengers, 92 cases of riding motorcycles without helmets, and 457 cases of not wearing seat belts.1. Strengthening analysis, research and judgment, command and control.On the day of the action, the traffic police detachment held the city’s Spring Festival holiday road traffic safety management analysis and judgment will, to adhere to the reality, pay close attention to the situation change, pay close attention to the city, increase the accurate publicity of traffic safety, do fine management, accurate force, effectively enhance the targeted and effective Spring Festival traffic management.Second, strengthen the control of key illegal acts.For GuoShengDao, rural roads, scenic spots such as temple fair stalls around instruction in disorderly parking place, visit friends party drink, go out to play more, long-distance return fatigue driving vehicles such as the actual situation, to carry out inspections, to hunt down drunk driving drunk, tricycle manned, riding motorcycles, don’t wear a helmet on illegal ACTS such as, be dominant with police, strengthening the shock and awe.At the same time, we will adopt delayed, staggered and irregular tactics, fully rely on checkpoints and temporary duty stations during the Spring Festival travel rush, strictly investigate illegal acts such as overcrowding of buses, carrying people in tractors and agricultural vehicles, and closely organize traffic accident prevention and control networks to form a situation of strict investigation, strict management and high pressure.Three, strengthen publicity exposure warning.13 action during the period, the city traffic police brigade with sina weibo, trill, a live, well quickly, such as network platform, the organization carries out the two linkage big live events in the city, the cumulative number of about 570000 people live, and timely exposure of wine, drunk driving and other serious traffic violations and typical traffic accident cases, through alerts to the general public to alert,Let the broad masses fully realize the harm of traffic illegal, firmly establish the “safety first” thought, earnestly achieve civilized driving, safe travel.Fourth, strengthen the implementation of supervision and inspection.Detachment and brigade leaders take the lead in setting an example, play a key minority role, focus on the focus of work, deputy detachment leader Wang Ping, deputy political commissar Liu Li and other detachment leaders go deep into the grassroots to carry out supervision and inspection, the brigade leaders can go deep into the front line to pay close attention to the implementation, sit in the front line command and coordination, to ensure the implementation of the work.Source: Weinan City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment