Princess Sirindhorn of Thailand is an invisible millionaire

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As a representative of Thailand and an old friend of the Chinese people, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn came to Beijing for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games dressed as unadorned as ever.Double shoulder + silver-white cross-body bag, drawing a cartoon cockerel above, the style is very old, it is estimated that our domestic pay attention to the aunt, may not be willing to carry out.On closer inspection, the princess’s plain black scarf is called Snow Lotus. It’s made in China, and you can get a nice one for a hundred or two at a discount online (a large shawl can go for four figures).In truth, it was quite a contrast to the images of her elder brother king Rama X Vajiralongkorn, and his wives with flaming lips and glittering jewels.King Bhumibol had previously said of his beloved “crown princess” : “I have four children and she is the only one who can sit on the ground with the people.She never married, but she had millions of children.The words of Princess Sirindhorn, a young girl who accompanied king Bhumibol’s father to the lower levels, are really telling. When Prince Vajiralongkorn was sowing seeds and making love to his younger sister, it was the crown prince who accompanied King Bhumibol on visits, research, meeting with foreign guests and observing people’s feelings.However, your highness third (in front of big sister ubolratana rajakanya and brother vajiralongkorn), was a woman (although the Thai royal family constitution admitted women’s inheritance, but still uphold the principle of male is preferred), even at the age of 24, princess sirindhorn has been conferred to “the crown princess”, but the first in line to king’s legal, or her flower heart of the eldest brother,Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn.In the end, though Princess Sirindhorn did not wear a crown, her dedication to the country was seen and remembered by the Thai people.It can be said that Princess Sirindhorn is the most loved and respected member of the Thai royal family, and her reputation and popular prestige are far higher than the real “dragon Court” lover brother.In this way, princess Sirindhorn may not be able to judge a woman’s identity by looking at her purse, a practice that has been almost universally accepted.Especially in Thailand, where people love red makeup and even men are fond of “makeup”, for more than half a century, Princess Sirindhorn has always worn the hairstyle of a “revolutionary female cadre” on both large and small occasions, and left the country without any modification. It really seems unusual.Maybe, as long as there is enough honorable status and full life, those bags, famous brand clothes and so on, are nothing.The queen humbly kneels the princess what’s more, according to the family property of the princess royal highness, wearing gold dai silver, carrying a famous bag in the hand, that is also reasonable, but people disdain this kind of “low level” pursuit.Princess Sirindhorn’s rare bejeweled photo is one you’ve probably heard of, and the Thai royal family’s wealth is staggering, even surpassing that of the most well-heeled middle Eastern royal families.The chart below shows the wealth of the world’s royal families in 2017, with the most high-profile Saudi royal family ranking only third. The Other two Middle Eastern millionaires, the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, are only further behind, at fourth and fifth respectively, with the first two coming from Asia.Although the Thai royal family doesn’t do blingbling activities such as keeping lions and tigers as pets and buying a passenger plane for their falcons, it can be seen from king Vajiralongkorn’s hobbies that the Thai royal family has deep pockets.King Vajiralongkorn is a “military man” and one of his daily exercises is flying planes.Vajiralongkorn can ride a helicopter, a jet, just like the rest of us ride a bike.So, in order to cater to the interest of the meaning, the women of the Thai king’s harem, not only willingly accept the “militarization management”, all cut their hair into tomboy general, but also seize every opportunity, study hard, have mastered the “military skills” such as flying, parachuting, shooting, heroic, handsome.In addition, they all have very prestigious military titles, ranging from captain to general.Such amateur life, everything in….Not only can enjoy the beauty, but also can be passionate command military training, is not too cool.As for the cost….In second place was the royal family of Brunei, southeast Asia’s oil and gas rich country.The royal family of Thailand is worth nearly $40 billion, almost twice as much as the third-place Saudi royal family.That year, Thailand’s GDP was $412.4 billion (2016).Thailand does not have such good resources as relying on mountains and water, but it has nearly one tenth of the national GDP, which is very confusing. The top five countries in the world, except Thailand, are all resource-based countries, from the common people to the royal family, all of them eat the rice bowl of resource export.Where did Thailand, which has no oil or gas resources, come from, with assets worth nearly a tenth of its GDP?First of all, it should be made clear that the Thai royal family’s property is really accumulated through generations of honest efforts and legal management. It is not built on the direct exploitation and exploitation of the people. At least on the surface, it is in a proper way.The reason why the Thai royal family is so trench is actually inseparable from the efforts and accumulation of the elders.The current Bangkok dynasty has a history of more than 200 years, and has accumulated a lot of ancestral property since its founding.Rama rama v (” Anna and the king, and the teacher Anna’s son has been a “small” prince of Thailand) to ramah x. monarch photos special fortunately, the Thai royal family has not yet appeared special “ran” black sheep, even sometimes we see vajiralongkorn king with a harem group are in dungeons, is money;But in fact, while spending money, he can also make money, relying on the projects and industries accumulated by his ancestors, and making money grow money through the management, investment and financial management of his professional team.Regeneration of money.Over the years, the royal family has held significant stakes in Thailand’s industry, tourism, real estate, banking, finance and other industries.Among them, especially profitable, should be the real estate industry, financial industry, tourism and hotel industry…Thailand’s royal family is even the unbeatable charterer.In addition, the royal family also has a large number of overseas investments – all kinds of investments are discounted, also in the “hundred million yuan” unit.However, Thailand’s billions of dollars of assets are not owned by King Vajiralongkorn alone, but by the entire royal family, who each own a proportional share of their holdings and then take responsibility for their own profits and losses.Members of the royal family usually employ a dedicated team to manage their investments.Obviously, the princes and princesses who are smart and have a good vision will be relatively rich.One of them is Princess Sirindhorn.The princess always wears a simple old lady’s clothes and is enthusiastic about academic and various public welfare activities. She even wears the same clothes on official occasions. Sometimes she is even photographed with a corner of her clothes torn, smiling and calm in front of the camera.Besides, unlike her “hobby” of flying airplanes with beautiful women, Princess Sirindhorn prefers to learn foreign languages, write books and practice Chinese painting and calligraphy in her leisure time, which seem to be “economical”.But in fact, her old man may be a no problem invisible rich.Princess Sirindhorn is the majority shareholder of Siam Model Mall, the largest shopping mall in Southeast Asia. Her real estate investment covers Thailand and even Europe and Southeast Asia.In addition, she is a major shareholder of Huishang Bank and Thailand Sand Cement.Together with, princess royal highness does not pay attention to material enjoyment, childless and childless also do not have what to spend money of place, her own mind is flexible, can manage, so big money gives birth to small money, infinite give birth to, money is like snowball general, roll out a brushness to be proud of other countries royal family princess of huge wealth….Princess Sirindhorn is always making the most of her growing assets to help those in greater need.In addition to her charitable work in China, she has also donated many times to education in poor areas of China. The largest donation was 11 million yuan (RMB) for the reconstruction of primary schools after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.Coincidentally, in Southeast Asia, there is another monarch, almost the same age as Princess Sirindhorn, who is unmarried and childless, who also doesn’t care about clothes, and who loves “the lower class” — he is,Prince Sihanouk, an “old friend of the Chinese people”, and Norodom Sihamoni, son of Princess Monilet, another recipient of the Friendship Medal of the People’s Republic of China, are the current king of Cambodia.Although King Sihamoni, a professional dancer by training, was also handsome in his youth.But as he reached middle age, he became more down to earth, so much so that people now joke that Princess Sirindhorn looks like a vegetable maid and King Sihamoni like a migrant uncle.Supply king sihamoni – see comments, which are easily mistaken for the village cadres daily activities into the kitchen of the villagers, uncover pot, watching what they eat and people embrace together, rather than high above the bow down to accept – the gift from the bow down actually the prostrate originally also belong to Cambodia’s traditional etiquette above this two,Can be called “trench gas full” in southeast Asia royal family a clear current.If Princess Sirindhorn and King Sihamoni were walking down the street, you wouldn’t think they were a princess and a king just by their clothes.But at home, one is known as the “people’s Princess” and the other as the “people’s King”.Noble identity, noble character, not by brand-name clothing or jewelry, bags piled up.