Niu Aifang people set overturned, walk muddy mountain shoes are very clean, small chunhua belly and small

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For many people who like Niu Aifang, it must be known that he has more than 10 million fans, if the momentum continues, they will break the 2,000W fans is just around the corner.But two people can not resist temptation, first promised not live with goods, and then stepped into the ranks of goods, said he did not have a team and company, and later admitted that there is a company and a team, in the city also has a house!Was a television reporter personally exposed a lot of routines, NiuAiFang couple stopped more for 14 days, thought they would stop operating the large, open a trumpet playing like a wave stomach fairy, result the somebody else should have updated the new dynamic, like things didn’t happen before, or in the records of your life!But some things acting again good, will be people to find flaws, this is not Niu Aifang updated a video, unexpectedly was questioned again set overturned, in the end is what happened?Through in-depth understanding, it was found that niu Aifang’s family moved to the city after the collapse of the house on the mountain, but there are still many cattle to feed every day on the mountain.From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain is very muddy road, plus just under the snow must be very slippery.Can somebody else niu Aifang walked to the top of the mountain home, the camera gave him a close-up of the back of the time, somebody else’s feet on the shoes are very clean, as if this section of the road is to fly up the same, there is no mud.Wearing long boots on the father’s shoes there are some mud, but Niuaifang’s white heels are very clean, let a person see really is too unexpected.In addition, we also found that the belly of the small spring flower in this work is small again.If we remember correctly, small chunhua’s due date is in March this year, and now it has entered the end of January, there is still a month to give birth, but her belly is not so big as normal pregnant women, just like not pregnant!Before the month small when the belly of the cow Aifang did not show bosom also just, now arrived in the late pregnancy, all say the late pregnancy belly grows particularly fast, but her pregnant belly becomes smaller again, can not help but let a person begin she is premature premature?It is because of this kind of things that people have to question Niu Aifang husband and wife, people have collapsed to this point, don’t give yourself a strong white, frank to explain it is not good?It is hard to imagine a pregnant woman who is about to give birth. In Niu Aifang’s home, she also needs to carry a load with him to weigh more than 100 catties of pigs. In their hearts, pregnant women are so almighty?It is not that we deliberately provoke the relationship between niu Aifang and his wife here, but they do this kind of behavior are very sad, they can no longer trust the anchor is positive energy.Hope to see the question after this, two people’s cheating behavior can be enough, do not fool the net friend when 3 years old children, by cheating the heat can not maintain too long time!Sometimes it is hard to imagine why net red put a good life not to record, but to make up lies to deceive people?Is there no truth in their hearts?I don’t know how long this circle can last if everyone relies on cheating netizens to gain more followers.This is the end of today’s sharing, what else do you want to say after reading?