Hebei provincial government commendation decision!Look who’s there in Handan

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A few days ago, the website of Hebei Provincial government released the latest “Hebei Provincial People’s Government on the commendation of hebei Province outstanding contribution technicians decision”.People’s Governments of all cities (including Dingzhou and Xinji), people’s governments of all counties (cities and districts), Administrative Committee of Xiongan New Area, and departments of the Provincial Government:Since the eighteenth congress, the provincial general skills talents to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, carry forward the spirit of labor model, spirit, the spirit of labor, various areas in economic and social development has made a large number of highly skilled innovation, emerged a large number of talents with high skill, for the province’s economic and social development has made important contributions.In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the Central Talent Work Conference, the tenth Party Congress of CPC Provincial Committee and the talent work Conference of CPC Provincial Committee, and encourage more workers, especially young people, to take the road of becoming talented and serving the country with skills, the provincial government decided to award 100 comrades, including Ma Zhen, the honorary title of “Outstanding Contribution technicians in Hebei Province”.Hebei province outstanding contribution technician is the outstanding representative of the province’s high – skilled personnel team.The skilled personnel to study by their example, they do not forget the beginner’s mind, excellent quality of service of the people, learn their pioneer scaling new heights, the spirit of innovation, learning their solidarity and collaboration, tenacious fight bear awareness, strive to do the laborers had faith striver, wuxi, strives for perfection the holdout, bold innovation of innovators, study skills skills,Transform the creative potential and skill level into real productive forces, and contribute wisdom and strength to the high-quality economic and social development of the province.Hope to be commended comrades cherish honor, modest and prudent, carry forward achievements, make persistent efforts, and constantly make new and greater contributions to their own posts.Across all departments to xi jinping, the new era of Chinese characteristic socialism as the instruction, based on the new stage of development, complete and accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept and build a new development pattern, adhere to the “3689” working ideas, focusing on accelerate the construction of “six modernization in hebei province”, further implement the strategy of talent strong province, increase the supply of system innovation, policy, investment,We will improve the system for the cultivation, use, evaluation and incentive of skilled personnel, vigorously develop technical education, carry out vocational training on a large scale, and train more highly skilled personnel, skilled craftsmen and craftsmen of China, so as to provide a strong guarantee for skilled personnel to speed up the building of Hebei into a modern and economically strong province and a beautiful hebei.Attachment:List of Outstanding Contribution Technicians of Hebei Province The People’s Government of Hebei Province January 29, 2022 List of Outstanding Contribution Technicians of Hebei Province (in order of strokes of last names) Name Employer, occupation (type of work), skill level HorseLingyun industrial co., LTD., fitter, senior technician of vibration horse seismic shijiazhuang high-tech zone arc DE triomphe hotel co., LTD., Chinese technicians Ma Hongdi king of industry and information technology in hebei province office computer operation technician people in langfang city (female) agricultural ecological environmental protection monitoring station agricultural technicians king Wei priorities of hebei electric power co., LTD. Cangzhou power supply branch electrical test technician kingQing (female) Wang Lei, Senior technician, Operator of steam (coal, diesel) oil hydrotreating device, Cangzhou Branch, China Petroleum and Chemical CorporationShock zhangjiakou cigarette factories machine equipment repair limited liability company (joint) technician eli wong catic tong fly aircraft industry co., LTD. North China plane frame assembly fitter technician Wang Xiaodi interstate China leather shoes co., LTD. 3514 footwear designer, senior technician Mr Tang xishan coking co., LTD tangshan shougang Beijing mechanical fitter senior technician Wang Yuxin hebei tianjin west iron and steel group co., LTDCompany of blast furnace raw material engineering technician Wang Xingyuan qinhuangdao technician institute machining center operator senior technician guo-ming wang chengde summer resort enterprise group co., LTD., liquor-making industry senior technician Wang Jianxin hebei da LongFu embellish landscape engineering co., LTD., stone carving work hai-li wang (female) within three Chinese art co., LTD. Hengshui xi painter Wang Xianyong tangshan poetic group co., LTD. Auto repairSenior technician Wang Pengwei (female) kun culture communication co., LTD. Hebei province k ‘o-ssu division Wang Zhenhai handan CongTai chi square hotel management co., LTD., a Chinese cook senior technician dawn hebei to build a casting group co., LTD., casting engineering technician Shi Fengwu chengde petroleum college Turner senior technician Long Dapeng kailuan (group) co., LTD. Maintenance electrician senior technician Tian Zhaoxin xingtaiCity luo zichen plaque inscription art co., LTD., crafts Tian Xinping (female) its Chinese hebei electric power co., LTD. Cangzhou power supply branch power grid dispatching automation breaks up locomotive fitter technician Tian Guiyong steel hangang river company senior technician Tian Fuwang JianYanHui meeting service co., LTD. In hebei province Chinese cook senior technician FuYangYang car in tangshan locomotive vehicle co., LTD railway vehicle fitter’s advanced technologyFeng Song (female) feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (Female) Feng Bingchen (FemaleBin Hebei Jiantou Xuanhua Thermal Power Co., LTD. Senior welder technician Quyan Zhongtieshanqiao Group Co., LTD. Senior welder technician LiuXin tang company shougang Beijing plate division welder senior technician in China railway mountain bridge group co., LTD., liu, fitter senior technician ChiChenLiang shijiazhuang jinghua electronic industrial co., LTD. Installation of electrical technician QiChangJun hebei tak le machinery technology co., LTD. Mechanical fitter senior technician QiZhiBin car in shijiazhuang vehicle co., LTD., machine shop fitter senior technician xiao-mei sun (female) huailai county areaMartyrs memorial projectionist technician Sun Shanchuan ChengGang river steel company maintenance electrician senior technician MouWen of baoding with senior technician for electrical equipment co., LTD., winding Du Dongsheng zhangjiakou cigarette factories co., LTD machine equipment repair technicians li (female) east hebei the hon li peak catering management co., LTD., restaurant service senior technician working in the nanpu oilfield men technician li jidong oilfieldStrong in shijiazhuang Vehicle Co., LTD. Welding senior technician LiYan (female) YouYan photovoltaic new material co., LTD. Metal materials heat treatment industry senior technician Li Yili changli diwang wine co., LTD. Fruit juice wine in the brewing industry, wine tasters technician Li Yanbin ji construction prospecting group co., LTD. Engineering surveyor senior technician Li Jihua hengshui hengshui city tomorrow painters Li Yanxu within culture communication co., LTD. Hebei liu ling western-style cook senior catering enterprises management co., LTDTechnician Yang Jiangang quyang carving industry senior technician Yang Juntian Yang Gang sculpture co., LTD. (female) in hebei hengshui tempting wine co., LTD., food inspection work senior technician hai-sheng Yang lido in handan international hotel co., LTD., a Chinese cook senior technician Yang Xinyong Chinese oil group, the east geophysical prospecting co., LTD. Auto mechanic senior technician Wu Jinjiang kailuan energy chemical industryCo., LTD., hydraulic support technician Song Yanli (female) in north China pharmaceutical group co., LTD. Pharmaceutical preparations technician wen-li zhang car in shijiazhuang vehicle co., LTD. Cold work senior Zhang Shuqiang tangshan thermal group co., LTD., fitter technician Mr Zhang jidong oil field oil and gas gathering company plant operator light hydrocarbon senior technician Zhang Yongtang river tangshan steel company car in steel rolling industry senior technician Zhang Zhaoxing tangMountain rolling stock co., LTD. Debugging factory railway vehicle electrician senior technician Stanley cheung CLP countries base co., LTD., machining center north senior technician chun-liang zhang kailuan energy chemical industry co., LTD. Mine maintenance electrician senior technician Zhang Yanzhe petroleum equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Hebei bo road tianbao machining center operator technician hui-zhen zhang (female) of shijiazhuang jinghua electronic industrial co., LTD. Electrical productsInspection work senior technician Chen Zhanfeng car in tangshan locomotive vehicle co., LTD., aluminum factory aluminum alloy welding senior technical normal and strong chengde qianlong wine co., LTD winemaker technician xiao-hui luo baoding tianwei variable electric co., LTD. Bao winding manufacturing industry, senior technicians and dragon quyang sculpture institute chasers technicians zheng jianhua DiWuQiErYi factory millers senior technician of the Chinese people’s liberation armyDongchuan sheng in the hotel room kau xingtai bridge Chinese cooking senior technician going Zhao Chengke energy co., LTD Taurus hotel cook Chinese senior technician zhao jing wenkai qinhuangdao kare wa Mr SIMS machinery co., LTD fitter technician Zhao Deshun langfang health comprehensive law enforcement detachment FangYiYuan technician Hu Ze east river of xuanhua steel LianZhuGong senior technician Hou Zhifang tangshan port group co., LTD., high maintenance electricianGrade technician Wen Wei, North China Oilfield Company, senior technician Jiang Ren, Bohe Steel, Tang Steel Company, steelmaking technician Jia Ke, China Lekai Group Co., LTD., Chip base Business Division, chip base flow technology technician Jia Jingtan, Hebei Huayang Biotechnology Co., LTD., chemical inspection technician GuBo hebei central energy fengfeng group mine maintenance electrician technician shixin cangzhou city water supply and drainage group co., LTD. Electrical maintenance senior technician guo-wei xu river sharp cloisonne co., LTD., Beijing cloisonne production workers, senior technician Guo Yisheng xingtai machine shop fitter technician college senior technician Huang Shengkun hebei chicken to instrument industry co., LTD., tasters senior technician Gong Haili river steel welding senior technician ChengGang engineering companyXiao-hui chang hebei huabei diesel engine co., LTD. Machining center operator senior technician Cui Xiaochao yihsien Yi Yan sculpture art crafts Cui Yanwen (female) xingtai iron and steel co., LTD. Metal heat treatment industry senior technician cui defend tangshan labor technician college numerical control lathe worker senior technician Cui Aimin yihsien ji cui Yi Yan ink stone carving co., LTD. Arts and crafts sculpture Dong Changliang hebei portGroup port machinery co., LTD., fitter senior technician Dong Chunhu baoding tianwei variable electric co., LTD. Bao winding manufacturing industry senior technician Korea and gree electric appliances (shijiazhuang) co., LTD., maintenance electrician senior technician WenShaoBin zhangjiakou, hebei province plant protection plant quarantine station agronomic engineering technician PeiDongFeng its electric power co., LTD., handan, hebei province power supply branch substation attendant advanced technologyT xu-dong xiong kailuan (group) co., LTD. Mine maintenance electrician senior technician Pan Jiale priorities of hebei electric power co., LTD. Cangzhou power supply branch sending lineman senior technician xue Oil geophysical exploration in east central China co., LTD diesel mechanic senior technician HuoZhenXing its electric power co., LTD., handan, hebei province power supply branch loading table by electrical technician sources:Hebei News