Green code to yellow code?Don’t panic!This can be “green” back to

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Many quanzhou residents found their health code suddenly turned yellow.Don’t panic!Here comes the solution!The reporter learned from quanzhou Health Commission and Quanzhou First Hospital that after the health code was assigned with yellow code, two cases could be turned into green code. One is that the nucleic acid negative more than 24 hours after the code was assigned can be turned into green code, and the other is that the nucleic acid negative after 14 days can be turned into green code.If you are in the containment area, please contact the community staff;If you belong to people outside the control area, please go to the nearest special sampling point for yellow code personnel for detection;If you have left the spring, please take the initiative to complete the nucleic acid test at the nearest local nucleic acid test site as soon as possible.During the yellow code period, please do a good job of personal health monitoring, reduce contact with others, and avoid going to public places where people gather.”For the citizens who come to the special sampling sites for testing, we generally conduct pre-examination and triage in advance. For the ‘yellow code’ people who do not have corresponding symptoms and have clearly not entered the control and containment areas, and have clearly not been in contact with confirmed cases, close contacts and sub-close contacts, they can directly take nucleic acid testing with their ID cards.For those with fever and other related symptoms, visit the fever clinic.”The city’s first hospital related staff said.It is worth noting that the test must be booked in advance, quanzhou citizens must bring their ID cards (children without ID cards to carry household register) to the nearest special test point.All persons coming from medium-high risk areas abroad or in China under medical observation (including centralized isolation, home isolation, etc.) shall not go to nucleic acid sampling sites (sampling channels) for yellow code personnel for sampling and testing by themselves.People who go to the special sampling sites for nucleic acid testing (sampling channels) to participate in the sampling should be separated into yellow code personnel and green code “willing to test all” personnel through dual channels to avoid cross-infection.People going to nucleic acid sampling should take good personal protection, wear masks, keep a distance of 1 meter, do not gather or gather in groups, consciously observe the order of on-site sampling, and pay attention to their own safety.Source: Quanzhoutong client