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The disciple asked the teacher: “Can you talk about the strangeness of human beings?”The teacher replied, “They are in a hurry to grow up and then lament their lost childhood;They trade health for money, and then they want to use money to get healthy again.They worry about the future, but ignore the happiness of the present.As a result, they live neither in the present nor in the future.They live as if they would never die;Before I die, it’s as if I never lived.”.Friday, good morning!After a long time, you will find.The one who teaches you the most hurts you the most.Miss the longest people, actually never get.Heart of love, actually don’t care about you.The best person for you, but has been ignored.Really can accompany you forever, always will be found in the end.All say life, in fact, have to wait for the end, will really understand.Friday, good morning!There is a kind of social imbecility, when helping others, more cautious than serving themselves, even feel it is duty.But I never dare to trouble others, one is indebted to feel pressure, two is afraid of being rejected.Gradually, it became a matter of helping others to maintain friendships and worrying about falling apart.In fact, this is also the reason of emotional intelligence is too low, after all, the real difficult you, is not a good person.Friday, good morning!People in this life is very short, the balance is not enough to earn, the power is not enough to charge, the time will not come back.So, people around to cherish each other, because everyone’s time is less and less, do not dispute, do not fight, talk well, understand each other, treat relatives, understand friends, cherish a true feeling, no scheming, only sincerely, smile through every day.Friday, good morning, my friend!Through the road is long, meet more people, experience miscellaneous, inadvertently found that the best scenery in life, is the heart of calm and calm.Life’s most luxurious possession is an ageless childlike innocence, a belief in life, a healthy body, a lover forever hand in hand, a favorite job, and all the good mood to enjoy life.Friday, happy happy morning!Life is fickle, ups and downs, but go in the past, everything has been calm.No time can be retrieved, whether it is sadness or joy.Once you cling to things now may have long been unworthy of mention, once loved people may have become strangers.These seemingly simple truths, you do not need to experience is to be able to understand.Friday, good morning, friend!7, unnecessary to watch others, be sure to remember that this world, because you just extraordinary, the world is wonderful because of you, you come to this world, not to copy other people’s good, also need to hold the content of the others, be sure to live a self, happy, simple, allow yourself to live a happy life.Friday, good morning, friend!Dear yourself, for yourself, for love of their own people, eat well, sleep well, make money well, spend money well, not for unworthy people angry, not for unworthy things insomnia, since alive, live well, every minute for yourself, for love of their own people alive, alive is better than anything!Friday, happy happy morning!The world, the world degree;Human reason, people understand.In the face of injury, a smile is open-minded;In the face of abuse, it is transcendent to ignore it.Patience is not weakness, but tolerance;Concession is not incompetence, but magnanimity.”Caring” about life and wrong, “ignore” their own peace.May life be calm as water!Friday, good morning, my friend!In this world, not only liquor can intoxicate, not only love will be profound.Sometimes, a light, more enduring incense;A kind of unintentional, more let a person linger;A simple, more can maintain a lifetime.The pure fragrance lingering in everyone’s heart for a long time, unable to disperse.Friday, good morning, my friend!Choice and give up, is life and life everywhere need to face the pass.Yesterday’s decision to give up today’s choice, tomorrow’s life depends on today’s choice.Life is like acting, each man is his own director.Only those who learn to choose and give up can win a wonderful life.Friday, good morning, my friend!Time is the most deceptive, but it can also make you understand that there is nothing in this world that can not be lost, leaving our best to cherish, not all is not important;Truly heal yourself, only yourself;Don’t complain, try to excuse;Not afraid of loneliness, efforts to precipitation.Friday, good morning!