Buy is to earn, Beijing Changan CS95 car discount 80 thousand yuan

2022-07-01 0 By

What to do with the endless projects in the company, the congestion at the subway entrance every day, and no personal space?I want to buy Changan CS95, I want to buy Changan CS95, I want to buy Changan CS95.Important things say three times!Recently, Changan Automobile Tongzhou store Changan CS95 sales, the color is optional, the current purchase of some models of cars to buy a car discount of 8,000 yuan, the activity time ends on March 30, interested friends can go to the shop to consult the purchase, the shop address:Beijing Yongshun Town, Tongzhou District, No. 315 Fuhe Street promotion time from March 26, 2022 to March 30, 2022 Changan CS95 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Beijing quotation 2.0T two-drive luxury 175,900 yuan 800000 yuan 167,900 yuan 2.0TFour-wheel drive luxury 187,900 yuan 80,800 yuan 179,900 yuan 2.0T Four-wheel drive noble 213,900 yuan 80,800 yuan 205,900 yuan